The following photographers have truly pushed the art of photographing spaces to new levels and inspired generations of photographers. We hope they will provide you with the same inspiration as you embark on the next study session with us.

  1. Benoit Paille

Benoit Paille is a self-taught photographer based in Montreal. Using colourful flashes to outline surreal representations

“ I often see myself like a hyperrealist painter, my pictures documenting an altered state of mind” – International Photo mag

Alternative Landscapes © Benoit Paillé
Alternative Landscapes © Benoit Paillé
Alternative Landscapes © Benoit Paillé

2. Yann Amstutz

The Football, Long Island, extract of the series Nigttime exteriors, 2000-2006
Satellite dish, Barcelona, extract of the series Nigttime exteriors, 2000-2006
Yuccas, Nanjing, extract of the series Nigttime exteriors, 2000-2006

3. Guy Tillum

Guy Tillim (b. 1962) is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
For his brilliantly observed studies of the life of the often beleaguered residents of Hillbrow, Johannesburg in their decaying and overcrowded environment.- Arthrob

Tayob Towers, Pritchard Street
Eviction aftermath, Noverna Court, Paul Nel Street, Hillbrow
Cape Agulhas, Esselen Street, Hillbrow 

4. Gregory Crewdson

Gregory is an American photographer best known for staging cinematic scenes of suburbia to dramatic effect. – Artnet

Gregory Crewdson, Den, 2013
Gregory Crewdson, Untitled Birth
Gregory Crewdson, Untitled (Girl in Window)

5. KangHee Kim

KangHee KIim began creating her photos with her iPhone using apps to merge images that produced incredibly surreal escapism.

Street Errands
Street Errands
Street Errands

6. Larry Sultan

Larry is most well known for his series “The Valley” which involved photographing adult film sets when filming stopped.

Pool, Calabasas / 2002
Father / 2002
Surfboard in Bedroom / 1999

7. Yasmine Chatila

Yasmine produced a fascinating body of work called ‘Stolen Moments’, she photographed people New york through their windows from her own apartment.

8. Ashley Walters

Uitsig by Ashley Walters is a photographic investigation into the community of Uitsig and surrounding suburbs of Parow Industrial, Ravensmead, Florida, Cravenby, Belhar and Eureka, and the interaction of these communities with the landscape and structures that exist in these places

Ashley Walters, Uitsig II
Ashley Walters, Uitsig II
Ashley Walters, Uitsig II

9. Dave Southwood

” Through my friendship with various studio photographers I gained access to their places of work which are situated in the townships, mainly in small tin shacks. The end of this gallery also features work by a photographer friend called Dumile Mbebe.“- Dave Southwood on his series “Studios”

Dave Southwood, Studios
Dave Southwood, Studios

We hope you see the diversity in possibilities when it comes to the interpretation of space with photography.

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