The following photographers have truly pushed the art of still life photography to new levels and inspired generations of photographers. We hope they will provide you with the same inspiration as you embark on the next study session with us.

There are so many artists who have explored still life, so we’ve narrowed it down to our 9 favourite photographers who have interpreted still life imagery in incredibly diverse ways

In order to show you that the sky is the limit and assist you in deciding how you would like to approach your own project going forward.

  1. Robert Maplehthorpe

Although Robert is best known for his erotic portraiture he also spent a great deal of time photographing flowers. His ability to take a flower and transform it into something exquisite through his compositions is fascinating.

Poppy, 1988
Tulips, 1987
Calla Lily, 1988

2. Edward Weston

Edwards work is simple and sophisticated with a focus on textures and form. He was able to transform a peppers, shells and cabbage into masterpieces.

Edward Weston (1886–1958), Pepper No. 30, 1930
Red Cabbage Halved, 1930
Edward Weston (1886–1958), Shells 6S, 1927

3. Irving Penn

 “Rotten apples gleam in rows; an unconcerned mouse scratches under a hanging larder of luxurious delights; amid a fruit bowl reminiscent of the set of a Dutch master, a fly makes merry on a lemon. These images, at first glance incidental, are masterworks in elevating the banal to the exquisite, an additional chapter in the multiplicity of Penn’s talent.” – Another Mag

Italian Still Life (B), New York, 1981, Irving Penn
New York Still Life, Irving Penn
Flat Glove, New York ,1975

4. Roberto Greco

At first glance, it looks as if Robert is merely copying the great still-life painters however upon closer examination he subverts it by inserting animals or unexpected details into his still-lifes creating surreal compositions.

After still life, 2011
“Still life with Discus fish.”
“Still life with rats.”

5. Patty Carrol

Patty turns the human body into an inanimate object by draping and covering it in material thus turning it into a lifeless form, He/She becomes it.

Spring Hope, Pining for Spring.
Trophy Wife
Blue Birds Plate

6. Zeke Berman

All that Zeke Berman needs is string and wire or maybe a jug of water and ice to create his mind-bending masterpieces. A master at shifting perspective his constructions are incredible.

Tank , 1988
Measuring Cup with Necker Cube Spill, 1979
Cubes, 1979

7. Leonardo Magrelli

Leonardo Magrelli’s project, “Me Error” shows us what mirrors reflect when we are not in front of them. Real images, that exist in the world, but that we can never witness, for we are their own interference.

MeError #08
MeError #38
MeError #60

8. Henry Agudelo

In 2017 Henry Agudelo won 1st place in the  Sony World Photography Awards still life category. “In Colombia, there are more than 130,000 people who are listed as ‘disappeared’. Because of the war and violence in this country, many bodies that are not identified go to medical universities to be studied pending a family member recognising and claiming them.” Still lifes have the ability to communicate very powerful messages as well, have a look at the complete series here.

© Henry Agudelo, Colombia,

© Henry Agudelo, Colombia
© Henry Agudelo, Colombia

9. Ambar Navarro

Amber Navarro’s playful still life images recreate cinematic fantasy scenes tapping into your childhood nostalgia using toys and other odd miscellaneous objects lying around the house.

Beep Me
“Hogwild Est. 1981”
Barbie Hispanica

We hope you see the diversity in possibilities you can achieve with still life photography and that it inspires you to really think outside of the box for this weeks study session.

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