Visual inspiration: Foodscapes by Carl Warner is an excellent series of fantasy landscapes created entirely from food!

Here’s an older project by brilliant English advertising photographer Carl Warner, dubbed Foodscapes. If you haven’t come across it before, and even if you have, you’re in for a visual treat!

Simply put, Carl creates fantasy landscapes entirely from various foods, from vegetables to chocolates to fish, and everything else you can imagine. Rivers of bacon and mountain ranges that were baked in an oven! Of course, being an advertising photographer means that Carl’s work gets composited and manipulated in post for extra effect, but much of the hard work is done in-camera, with everything meticulously put together in the studio.

Visit his website for his latest projects, and view our other features on his abstract arrangements: Bodyscapes and Otherscapes.

carl-warner-02 carl-warner-03 carl-warner-04 carl-warner-05 carl-warner-06 carl-warner-07 carl-warner-08 carl-warner-09 carl-warner-10 carl-warner-11 carl-warner-12 carl-warner-13 carl-warner-14 carl-warner-15 carl-warner-16 carl-warner-17

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.