Photographer and artist TigTab creates impressive light painted photographs using stencils and coloured gels.

These impressive photographs were created by an artist known as TigTab. Each image was produced completely in-camera, TigTab used a hand held speedlight and various gels/stencils to paint the graphics while the camera’s shutter was open – which took up to 4 hours for some of the photos! For more of her work, take a look at her Flickr photostream.

If you’ve got access to a speedlight, this technique shouldn’t be too difficult to experiment with if you wanted to give it a try. Simply cut your shape into the side of a small box and cover it with photographic gels or multiple layers of coloured cellophane. Then, while your camera is exposing, fire the strobe through the stencil. You might need to darken the inside of the box with matt black spraypaint in order to avoid light bouncing around and creating a softer edge on your graphic. Of course, it will probably take a while to get to TigTab’s level, but might be a fun exercise. If you do experiment, please share the results with us!

Via MyModernMet

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