Visual inspiration: Creative portraits made by art director Gem Fletcher and photographer Mads Perch.

Here’s some interesting portraits to get your creative juices flowing. British art director Gem Fletcher collaborated with Danish photographer Mads Perch on two projects, Moving Time and Pixels.

In Moving Time, the use colourful projected patterns to great effect, and with Pixels they distorted the portraits using mirrors. View the rest of the projects on Gem’s Behance portfolio, along with some more of her collaborations with other photographers, including Steam, a series of portraits involving steamed glass.

Moving Time:

Young Woman Covered by futuristic Lines of Lights Young man Covered by Abstract Patterns of Light Young Woman Dimly Lit with Closed Eyes


gem-fletcher-mads-perch-05 gem-fletcher-mads-perch-06 gem-fletcher-mads-perch-07 gem-fletcher-mads-perch-08

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.