Take a look at these awesome creative portraits made by Pretoria-based photography enthusiast Rey Mangouta.

These impressive portraits were created by Pretoria-based photography enthusiast Rey Mangouta.

Most of the images formed part of Rey’s Project 365, which is currently on hold – he hopes to resume it as soon as he gets some more free time for his photography. We’re particularly impressed with Rey’s digital manipulation skills. Take this portrait as an example:

Rey Mangouta 02

The portrait above was composited and manipulated together from these images:

Rey Mangouta 03

Very impressive work, right? View more of Rey’s work on Behance and on Facebook.

Rey Mangouta 04 Rey Mangouta 05 Rey Mangouta 06 Rey Mangouta 07 Rey Mangouta 08 Rey Mangouta 09

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence.

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