The Cape Town School of Photography is getting ready to offer it’s 2nd year of full-time lectures, and classes in Bellville.

Our school, the Orms Cape Town School of Photography has been offering courses in photography and video for 15 years. We offer both full-time and part-time courses, weekend workshops and special programmes including photowalks, free lunchtime lectures and evening talks by industry specialists.

For the hobbyist and serious enthusiast, we offer a large variety of beginners, intermediate and advanced part-time courses covering everything from getting your Drone / RPL License to post-production in Photoshop and Lightroom to more specialized genres such as Macro Photography and Real Estate Photography.

Our intensive, yearlong course of study is structured to develop technically refined, creative photographers, who are able to explore and define their goals, situate their work within a broad meaningful context, and establish a solid foundation from which to build their careers.

The course curriculum is content driven and student-centred, drawing on the participation of both the individual and the group. Coursework will consist of weekly assignments, group critiques, class discussions, practical exercises, tutorials and individual mentoring sessions. Students are encouraged to be experimental with their project assignments, rigorous in their research and exploration, and professional in their conduct.

At the end of their studies, students will leave with Practical and Creative Portfolios, a personalised website, documentary short, extensive experience in showcasing work on an exhibition and a business vision. Past students who have successfully completed their studies at Orms Cape Town School of Photography have pursued careers in advertising, publishing, fine art, and as freelance photographers.

You can visit the schoolsโ€™ website at, or get in touch with us at or 021-465-2152.


Feature photograph taken by CTSP student Cindy Burnett.