Watch as photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker shares his thoughts on how to deal with creative jealousy and get back to work.

Another great video by photographer and filmmaker, Sean Tucker. If you’re a regular on the blog you would have seen other videos by Sean that we’ve shared, some of these include; How to create when you’re just not “feeling it”, The war in every portrait and Travelling light with photographic gear. In this video, however, we join Sean as he looks at how to deal with creative jealousy. Yeah you know it, we’re all guilty of it at some point or another. The problem is if we’re not careful we can spend way to much time looking at other peoples work and sulking because we somehow feel inferior instead of simply focusing on our own craft.

As Sean rightly states; “If you’re like me you’ve had to work through jealousy, and comparing your work to the work other people are putting out. It can paralyse you, and stall your development if you don’t get a handle on it. In this video, I share some thoughts on how I deal with these very human emotions so that they don’t hold me back on my journey”. Let’s take a look…

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