Here’s a beautiful example of an Orms customer digitising an old family album and printing it as a modern photo book.

Article by Orms Print Room designer Jessica Cash.

Do you have boxes full of old, family photos that are collecting dust in your store room? Bring your old treasures to life by digitising your photographs at Orms and turning them into a modern photo book with our Free PhotoBook Software.

To illustrate the process, we spoke to Jennifer, a customer who recently dug up all her grandfather’s old family photos and turned them into a photo book to give to her father as a 70th birthday present.

Jennifer kept all her old photos in envelopes and boxes, and looked at them once in a blue moon. Her grandfather, a keen photographer, took all of her family’s old photographs. When he died, Jennifer’s grandmother handed the photographs down to Jennifer.

With her father turning 70 later this year, Jennifer and her family wanted to give him a unique present that would last a lifetime. She also wanted to preserve the photographs and make sure they would not get lost.

With his birthday fast approaching, Jennifer came to Orms to have the photos scanned and designed into a photo book. Within two days, all her photographs were digitized. Jennifer sat down with a designer at Orms and together, they decided the best way to lay out her photographs. Aside from photographs, Jennifer also scanned in old invoices, certificates, poems and clippings that belonged to her grandfather.

A week later, Jennifer collected her original photographs and the digital versions, and her completed Orms Photo Book.

How to get your old family albums digitised and printed as modern photo books:

If you want to digitize your old photographs and turn them into a professionally designed photo book, here are a few things to remember:

  • Orms will digitise and retouch your old photographs. Click here to view more information, the price list, and contact details for making an appointment.
  • Scanning and retouching takes between one to five working days to process, depending on the amount of photographs you submit.
  • If you would like to layout your digitized photographs into a photo book, contact one of our designers to arrange a meeting.
  • Orms Photo Books take between five and ten working days to print and bind.
  • Our photo books are wrapped in white tissue paper and packaged in a black box, ready to be gifted to your loved ones.

As an added bonus, after you have digitised and designed a photo book, replacing a lost family photo album is as easy as ordering another copy of the photo book.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!