DigitalRev torture tested a DJI Mavic Pro by subjecting it to impact tests, setting it on fire and drenching it in the “heavy rain test” – amazingly it survived. Let’s take a look…


We already know thatΒ the DJI Mavic Pro is an exceptional, well built and extremely compact little drone. But in order to determine just how much it can withstand, the guys atΒ DigitalRev basically torture tested the poor Mavic Pro.

Amazingly, it survived almost all tests, except the heavy rain test which damaged its vision sensor. Flying the drone for any prolonged period in the rain risks damaging its sensors. Otherwise the Mavic Pro is extremely tough. With reasonable care, your Mavic Pro should last a very very long time. It goes without saying that we do not recommend trying any of this at home (or anywhere else for that matter).

It’s also worth noting; if your Mavic got wet, do not dry it in rice. Rice could easily get inside the Mavic Pro through its vent. Also, should your drone suffer any damage it should be checked by the manufacturer before flying again. Always fly your drone responsibly.


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