Do It Yourself with Orms Print Room & Framing: Create your own personalised photographic fridge magnets!

Create your own personalised photographic fridge magnets!

What you need:

  • Sheet of A3 self-adhesive magnet, available at Artsauce (Between the Vida e Caffe and Orms Print Room & Framing, 021 461 0885) or Deckle Edge.
  • Photos printed on matte photographic paper.
  • Cutting mat and craft knife.
  • Metal ruler.



What to do:

  • Hand in your photos at Orms Print Room & Framing and ask to have them printed on matte photographic paper to the size you require. Prints start at R1.85 each, but you can save by printing multiple photos onto larger sheets.
  • Peel off the self-adhesive backing on the magnetic sheet and position your prints on the sheet.
  • Cut your prints out with a sharp craft knife and metal ruler.



Tips and tricks:

  • Cut on a cutting mat with a metal ruler as a guide. Make your first cut shallow and then a second cut all the way through. This will make the cutting process easier to control because the magnetic sheet is thick and difficult to cut.
  • Photos can be printed any size. We recommend a maximum size of 100mm. It is easier to place all prints on an A3 sheet instead of using loose prints.
  • Choose matte photographic paper because it will be the most durable and long lasting.