Do It Yourself with Orms Print Room & Framing: Decorate your walls with these vintage-style photo plates!

Decorate your walls with these vintage-style photo plates!

What you need:

  • Vintage plates or saucers.
  • Photos to print on self-adhesive paper.
  • Sharp scissors.



What to do:

  • Measure the internal diameter of the plate to ensure that your images are printed the correct size.
  • Bring your images to Orms Print Room & Framing and ask that they are printed to the size you require on self-adhesive paper. An A3 print onto the sheet would cost R20 each at the time of publication.
  • Carefully cut your images out with a pair of scissors.
  • Remove the self-adhesive backing, position and apply the images on the plates.



Tips and tricks:

  • Combine a number of plates to make a wall feature.
  • Prestik is strong enough to hang the plates if they are not too big and heavy.
  • Choose plates with designs that will make a good border for images.
  • Black and white images work best.