A closer look at the elaborate architecture of the middle-eastern city of Doha, as photographed by Pygmalion Karatzas.

These great photographs by Greek photographer and architect Pygmalion Karatzas showcase the elaborate and detailed architecture of Qatar’s capital, Doha.

Pygmalion Karatzas 02

Above: Self-portrait by the photographer, Pygmalion Karatzas.

Frequent flyers will recognise Doha’s expanding skyline, as the city is a large hub for international flights. For those that just transfer and never leave the airport, Pygmalion’s photos offers a closer look at the detail of the city’s interesting structures.

View the rest of Pygmalion’s photographs from Doha on Behance, and be sure to take a look at his architecture images taken around Europe, as featured on Orms Connect earlier this year.

Pygmalion Karatzas 03 Stitched Panorama Pygmalion Karatzas 05 Stitched Panorama Pygmalion Karatzas 07 Pygmalion Karatzas 08 Stitched Panorama Stitched Panorama Pygmalion Karatzas 11 Stitched Panorama Pygmalion Karatzas 13 Pygmalion Karatzas 14 Pygmalion Karatzas 15

Photographs shared with permission.

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