Follow This: @DoorsOfCapeTown on Instagram is an amazing photography project by Barry Havenga. Read more about the project.

@DoorsOfCapeTown is an amazing project by local photography enthusiast and deputy editor of Golf Digest, Barry Havenga.

Barry was originally inspired to photograph doors around Cape Town after discovering @TheDoorsofNewYork while browsing Instagram during a visit to that iconic city. Since starting @DoorsOfCapeTown almost a year ago, he’s shared over 170 photos of interesting doors, gates and entrances around town.

Early on, Barry identified a selection of areas and suburbs that would offer interesting photo opportunities, such as the Bo-Kaap and the CBD, and he heads out on photo trips over weekends. In an interview with Design Indaba, he states: “I find that Sundays are good for shooting in the centre of the city when businesses and buildings are closed. I keep a notebook of doors I need to return to if I donโ€™t have my camera handy.”

Almost all the photos are taken on a Nikon D3100 DSLR and then transferred to an iPad for uploading to Instagram: “From the outset I concentrated on image quality and will not haphazardly shoot a door on my phone unless absolutely necessary.”

Due to popular demand, Barry recently made prints of the photographs available for purchase, including a collage of some of his favourite doors. You can contact him directly via email for more information about the prints and charges – a website is currently in the works. All prints are printed by Orms Print Room & Framing.

Head over to the Design Indaba website to read the full interview with Barry and to learn more about @DoorsOfCapeTown.

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