Visual inspiration: Simply beautiful and dreamlike portraits created by Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco.

Viewing these semi-surreal photos created by Kiev-based photographer Oleg Oprisco is like stepping into someone else’s imagination.

Oleg’s exploration of playful concepts result in dreamlike scenes that border on the edge between photography and photorealistic paintings. But these aren’t paintings or digital manipulations – Oleg shoots each photo on medium format film with a Kiev 6C camera.

500px describes him as “incomparable” in their interview. They asked him: “Where does your inspiration come from?” and his reply is very motivational: “We live in exciting times. Everything changes very quickly: the weather, architecture, landscape, people, time. We can see this all happening in real time. There is inspiration all around us. Everything that happens in our lives is a unique source of inspiration. There’s no sense in stealing someone else’s. Only the original is a unique creation. Be sure any artist of the 18th century, the 19th century is very jealous of us. We can live anywhere and create anything and show it around to world. Everything is in our hands.” Read the rest of the interview on ISO.

Visit Oleg’s website for more of his work, and follow him on Behance and Facebook. If you enjoy his work, also take a look at Olga Astratova and Kyle J. Thompson‘s photos.

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Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives licence.