Some incredible DJI Phantom II footage by Xavier Portela, shot during a recent trip to Iceland.

“13 Days around Iceland”, was filmed by Brussels-based freelance photographer Xavier Portela. He spent 13 days on a road trip around Iceland at the beginning of March capturing the incredibly diverse Icelandic scenery with the help of the DJI Phantom II. Xavier says: “After New-York and Tokyo I was looking for something different, challenging, out of my comfort zone. The main idea was to take pictures but I also wanted to take that opportunity to realise a video of my trip and that’s why I decided to buy a drone.”

As it often goes the initial idea behind a project often changes, Xavier explains “At first, the video was supposed to be just some nice aerial shots. It’s actually my first project with a drone so I wanted to focus on that. However, after one day driving through Iceland, I was so impressed by the diversity of the landscapes and this infinite road number 1 that I had to capture some footage from the car too!”

In addition to the DJI Phantom II, Xavier also used a Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal to stabilise the GoPro. With regards to cameras, he used a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition on the drone and a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition on the car; both with the Protune Mode ON, 2k, 30fps. For post-production he used Adobe Premiere for editing and Davinci Resolve 11 for colour grading.

The music in this clip is “In the Shadow of the Colossi” by Doug Kauffman.

Keep up with more of Xavier’s work by visiting his website. Alternatively you can follow him on Vimeo, Behance, Facebook or Twitter.