Elena Shumilova, famous for the enchanting photographs she takes of her children talks about her inspiration and gives a few handy tips.

In their latest short film SmugMug Films spent some time with Elena Shumilova, a photographic artist from Russia.  Elena and her family decided to trade in the city life, and move to the country. It was here where Elena decided to pick up the camera and started photographing her toddlers with their pets and other farm animals. Her enchanting images quickly became extremely popular and have been seen by more than 60 million viewers worldwide.

In SmugMug’s film, Elena talks about the inspiration behind this project, how she got started and her passion for creating timeless images that capture the essence of childhood.

Photographing children can be tricky, as many of us have already discovered. In another short segment included below, Elena lets her fans in on a few of her secrets for success, take a look…

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