Watch this visually stunning flow-motion time-lapse video of Pyongyang in North Korea, created by Rob Whitworth and JT Singh.

Take a virtual tour of the city of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, with this incredible video created by Rob Whitworth and JT Singh. The so-called flow-motion video uses a variety of techniques to great effect, including hyper-lapse, time-lapse and slow-motion photography.

In the modern age of almost universal globalisation, North Korea is one of the very few places that haven’t been documented extensively with photographs or videos. We won’t delve into the deeper political issues at hand, but the country has been relaxing its laws regarding censorship lately, albeit slightly, allowing for videos like this to be made.

Of course, Enter Pyongyang is a highly curated look at the city, but it does offer us a glimpse of what everyday life is like. Take a look:

Read more about the project and the shoot process in the description of the video.

Via The Verge.

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