Short Documentary Film: Chatting with photographer Christopher Anderson about his work, from a life-changing experience aboard a refugee boat, to the streets of New York City.

In this episode of Picture Perfect, VICE visits Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about some of his past work and the life-changing experience of boarding a handmade boat that sank in the Caribbean. Christopher tells how the images from that trip paved the way in his career, opening doors to assignments in war stricken areas and later, with the birth of his son, how he changed direction again.

He tells us that his current project of photographing New York is part of his artistic growth and an effort to turn inward. As we follow him on assignment, Anderson explains that he’s not just focused on the task at hand, but also interested in the way his photographs build upon each other through the years.

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Photos courtesy of Christopher Anderson / Magnum Photos.

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