“If you feel that this is weird or people are going to ask questions about it, post it!” Photographer Chelsea Bartz (Epitome of Adventure) proclaims with a gleeful laugh from her comfortable perch on a chair in the cafe at Shop Zero. “People appreciate the weird and the different things and I think that’s what’s going to make you stand out.”

Chelsea Bartz is a self-titled “conscious content creator” and “adventure huntress”. Better known by her Instagram handle, Epitome of Adventure, Chelsea has chosen to turn the lens of her Fujifilm camera on the most breathtaking secret spaces in South Africa, just waiting to be explored. Her focus is sustainability, eco-tourism and growing awareness and appreciation for the environment among locals and international visitors.

In our inaugural episode of the OrmsTV #ISHOOTWITHORMS video series, we met up with Chelsea to discuss her unique perspective on content creation and photography. She spoke about how her worldview impacts her creative process, breaking away from Instagram’s 1:1 aspect ratio and how other creatives can make their work stand out from the crowd.

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#ISHOOTWITHORMS is an original Orms video series published on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV and our IGTV. Each episode features an inspirational and innovative creative individual or collective who regularly incorporate Orms’ variety of photo- and videographic services into their creative process. The series provides the opportunity for us to recollect the artists’ journey so far, examine their challenges and triumphs and share the wisdom they have garnered with our online community.

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