We are excited to invite photographers for inclusion in the next SPACE Open Exhibition at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography this June. Find all the information and requirements for submissions here…


Update: Submissions have now closed.

We are once again offering you the opportunity to submit your work for the upcoming SPACE Exhibition on June 23rd. The show will feature 30 curated images selected by the Orms creative team, this will form part of The Orms Cape Town School of Photography exhibition that showcases the work by our full and part-time students.

Exhibition Theme

Our June exhibition is titled, “Wonder/Wander.” We are interested in seeing what “wonders” you discover through your lens. These might be natural wonders and phenomena that might be described as wildlife photography, landscapes, macro plant and insect life, places of exquisite beauty and so forth. This theme might also be interpreted along the lines of “wander,” journeys, travel photography, the act of walking and literally wandering and seeing what you find. Alternatively, you might interpret this theme within a conceptual, poetic and/or philosophic context and see what work you produce.

Why the name “SPACE”?

An element of art, space refers to distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece. Space can be positive (white or light) or negative (black or dark). Open or closed. Shallow or deep and two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Sometimes space isn’t actually within a piece. But the illusion of it is. Space is the breath of art. [Frank Lloyd Wright]


    • Photographers of all levels are welcome to submit their most prized photographs.
    • The theme for this exhibition is “Wonder / Wander” as described above, submissions need to relate to the theme in some way.
    • Your images need to be submitted via the form below by June 14th, 2016 by the end of the day. Please note, that we cannot accept any images after this date as we will not have enough time to curate, print and hang the exhibition.
    • Each submitted photograph needs to be named as per the example in the submission form below. Please note that images not named in this way will not be valid.
    • Images will be curated on June 17th.
    • Photographers who have successfully passed the curation process and who will have their work included in the exhibition will be notified by June 20th.
    • The exhibition will have a standardised display, meaning the images will need to be printed and displayed in the same way. Therefore, all images will be printed in A3 size by Orms. If you’d like to print or frame your work differently, feel free to discuss it with us – email michelle@orms.co.za. Should your work already be framed or mounted, please include images of this so that we can see if this fits in with the exhibition.


Update: Submissions have now closed.


    • Only work submitted via the submission form above will be valid. Images must conform to the image guidelines as above. Each contributing photographer must own the copyright to the images they submitted.
    • Copyright remains with the photographer, however, by agreeing to the terms and conditions the photographer agrees that his/her work can be used for the promotion of the exhibition.
    • Contributing photographers will not be responsible for the printing of their work as Orms will be sponsoring the SPACE Exhibition (June 2016).
    • The exhibition will be up at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography between June 23rd – July 15th, 2016.
    • Should there be a lack of interest, Orms reserves the right to cancel the exhibition.
    • You may use the exhibition as a platform to sell your work, however, pricing won’t be displayed on the photographs during the course of the exhibition. The purchase price is entirely up to the photographer. Those interested in purchasing any of the works will deal with the photographer directly and privately – Orms will not be involved in any way.


Exhibit Your Photographs at the SPACE Exhibition this June

  1. Hi, I’ve been having trouble uploading my images. They are under 7MB but still not working. Would it be possible to email them in, or use some other method?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello. That’s strange, the form is definitely working as we are receiving other submissions. Unfortunately in order to keep track of all the submissions and make sure the file sizes are correct at submission, it has to go through the form above. That said, I’d like to help you so if you could tell me, Is it giving you the error msg or what is it doing? Have you checked that your file sizes are definitely below 7 megabytes, JPEG format and that you are only attaching one image at a time (not a folder of images)?
      You can email your questions to michelle@orms.co.za

      1. Hi Michelle, I get this error: “Sorry, your image(s) were not sent. It might be that they are to big. Please read all the instructions and click here to submit the form again.”
        I’ve checked and all of my files are less than 7MB. I don’t want to make them much smaller or I will lose even more detail. Yes, I’ve only tried to upload one at a time.

      2. Hi Michelle, I’m getting an error report and some kind of 404 browser problem. I’ve tried on two different servers so I’m kind of at a loss as to how to submit. My images are also smaller than 7MB and I don’t want to reduce them more as they have already been reduced from very large formats. Please help!!??

  2. Hi there, I’m having exactly the same problem as Gareth Lester-Olivier. Despite trying continuously to send one image at a time (less than 7mb), I get the same error each time “Sorry, your image(s) were not sent. It might be that they are to big. Please read all the instructions and click here to submit the form again.”

  3. Hello everyone! Obviously some people have had trouble uploading, it seems the system wouldn’t accept a file with a JPEG or JPG (uppercase) extension, just lowercase. We’ve sorted it out, so for those who do prefer to type in uppercase, you should no longer have a problem. Looking forward to your submissions!

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