We would like to invite photographers for inclusion in the next SPACE Open Exhibition at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography this September. Find all the information and requirements for submissions here…

We are extremely excited to launch our second SPACE Open Exhibition for 2019! We’re starting our exhibition off with a bang and a new theme for you to really sink your teeth into! So once again we are offering you, our lovely photographic community the opportunity to submit your work! The show opens on September 5th and will feature 30 curated images selected by the Orms creative team, as always this will form part of The Orms Cape Town School of Photography exhibition that showcases the work of our full and part-time students.

Exhibition theme: 1:1 Creativity

Creating images means harnessing our creative power and streaming our intentions into a cohesive image, but what happens when that image has further constraints attached? This SPACE Open Exhibition we’re shifting our focus to the visual platform of Instagram, and more specifically the constraint of their 1:1 image format. Do you follow a colour palette, monthly mood board or simply upload as your create? This is your chance to show us the peaks of your 1:1 Creativity!

Submit your most creative images within this 1:1 format and your work could be chosen for inclusion in September’s SPACE Open Exhibition.

The exhibition will open at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography on September 5th, 18h00 – 20h00. Everyone is most welcome, so please make a note in your diary, we would love to see you there.

Here are some sample images to get your creative juices flowing!

As your Instagram feed is so influenced by the visual work you create we have included a few examples of how your feed could look based on the work you are focused on producing. These are only examples and what we are wanting to see is your own personal interpretation of curating your work.

For the Street Photographer focusing on their black and white work:

For the Wildlife Photographer with an eye for an aesthetically pleasing colour gradient:

For the Aerial Photographer who’s never without their trusty drone:



  • Photographers of all levels are welcome to submit their most prized photographs.
  • The theme for this exhibition is “Creativity” as described above, submissions need to relate.
  • Your images need to be submitted via the form below by 28 August 2019 end of day. Please note, that we cannot accept any images after this date as we will not have enough time to curate, print and hang the exhibition.
  • Each submitted photograph needs to be named as per the example in the submission form below. Please note that images not named in this way will not be valid.
  • Images will be curated on 29 August 2019.
  • Photographers who have successfully passed the curation process and who will have their work included in the exhibition will be notified after 2 September 2019.
  • Please note that the contact form will not submit if you haven’t completed all your information, submitted an image and ticked all 3 the boxes below. You also need to make sure you have the correct image sizes
  • The exhibition will have a standardised display, meaning the images will need to be printed and displayed in the same way. Therefore, one image will be printed in 300×300 and the other three of the set in 90×90 square format by Orms. If you’d like to print or frame your work differently, feel free to discuss it with us – email rachel@orms.co.za. Should your work already be framed or mounted, please include images of this so that we can see if this fits in with the exhibition.


When submitting your images please ensure that you have saved them following the format: Name_Surname_ImageTitle_ImageNumber and that your submissions are 2000-2500px and smaller than 2.2 megabytes in file size

Update: Submissions for SPACE Open Exhibition have now closed


  • Only work submitted via the submission form above will be valid. Images must conform to the image guidelines as above. Each contributing photographer must own the copyright to the images they submitted.
  • The form above allows for four images to be submitted at a time, you can, however, refresh the page and submit additional images if you wish to do so.
  • Please note that the contact form will not submit if you haven’t completed all your information, submitted an image and ticked all 3 of the boxes. You also need to make sure you have the correct image sizes.
  • Copyright remains with the photographer, however, by agreeing to the terms and conditions the photographer agrees that his/her work can be used for the promotion of the exhibition.
  • Contributing photographers will not be responsible for the printing of their work as Orms will be sponsoring the SPACE Exhibition.
  • The exhibition will be up at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography opening on 5 September 2019. Please note that the exhibition will be on a minimum of two weeks, however, Orms may choose to keep it up for longer. Once the exhibition has been removed everyone will be notified via email that they may collect their prints.
  • Should there be a lack of interest, Orms reserves the right to cancel the exhibition.
  • You may use the exhibition as a platform to sell your work, however, pricing won’t be displayed on the photographs during the course of the exhibition. The purchase price is entirely up to the photographer. Those interested in purchasing any of the works will deal with the photographer directly and privately – Orms will not be involved in any way.
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