Photos of Charles Faull’s Beauty Unfolding exhibition at Night Gallery, featuring nude portraits and flower photography.

Cape Town-based photographer Charles Faull‘s latest exhibition, Beauty Unfolding, is currently on show at the Night Gallery.

Beauty Unfolding is a collection of Charles’s exquisitely lit nude portraits and flower photographs. The striking images are presented using the DIASEC mounting process, further enhancing their strong contrast.

The exhibition has been extended until the evening of Saturday 8 March, and will be showing every night until then from 6PM to 10PM at the Night Gallery in 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village.

Here’s a few photos of the exhibition, courtesy of Charles Faull and Jacqui Smit.

Charles Faull 02 Charles Faull 03 Charles Faull 04 Charles Faull 05 Charles Faull 06 Charles Faull 07 Charles Faull 08 Charles Faull Invite

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