Photographs from last night’s opening of Nico Krijno’s latest exhibition, Fulcrum Study, at Blank Projects in Woodstock.

Last night, we attended the openings of Cape Town-based sculptor-photographer Nico Krijno’s latest exhibition, Fulcrum Study, and Kerry Chaloner’s First Time, at Blank Projects in Woodstock.

The exhibition features a combination of Nico’s unique abstract still life photographs and installation pieces and Kerry’s abstract oil paintings, with the two sets of works complementing each other. If you’re in the area, be sure to go take a look – the exhibition will be on display until the 17th of August.

View more of Nico’s images on his website or Tumblr, and view more of Kerry’s works on her Tumblr.

Nico’s photographs were printed at the Orms Print Room on c-type photographic paper by Vincent van Graan and on plywood by Andre Eksteen.

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