Jeannie Indi will be exhibiting her mixed medium photography and illustration works at Haas Collective.

Cape Town based artist Jeannie Indi is having a solo exhibition at the Haas Gallery Collective, featuring her mixed medium works which combine photography and finely detailed illustrations.

In Jeannie’s own words:
I do not take photographs, but rather I am given still moments that are only truly revealed on reflection, and selected when they imbue an emotion.

On closer look every entity is exquisitely patterned and connected through detailed patterns. When illustrating, I hope to bring nature’s patterns to the surface and reveal my feel of her intricate plot. I am fascinated and mesmerised by nature’s delicacies.

Although utilising technology, I embrace the traditional creative dedication of drawing. I personally illustrate each and every line, even when knowingly, it will only be noticed and truly appreciated in large prints. Each artwork is intricately detailed to the best of my capacity, however I purposefully leave numerous areas for you to imagine your own patterns and also play with nature.

My intentions are always to discover my purpose though the exploration and hopeful preservation of nature. I hope that through inspired moments I am able to reflect her magic to others.

The exhibition will open at 6PM on 28 October 2011 at the Haas Gallery Collective, 67 Rose Street, Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.

All works were finished and printed by Orms Prophoto Lab and Framed by Orms.


Exhibition: Jeannie Indi At Haas Collective

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