In photos: The Photographic Archival & Preservation Association’s collection is now on display at a new home in Cape Town!

Article and photos by Christina Bongartz.

Today we would like to present another gallery in Cape Town that you should definitely pay a visit: PAPA Gallery in Shortmarket Street.

Gavin Furlonger made it his business to find undiscovered photographic bodies of work of South African artists and to preserve them. He has been collection his found treasures and virtually presented them on the website of the Photographic Archival & Preservation Association – shortened as PAPA – which he founded in order to collect and secure a visual record of South Africa’s history to the present-day.

Over the past couple of years he built up an impressive collection of mostly black and white photographs of all kinds of genres captured by South African photographers. He’s now able to proudly present his collection of great photographic art work on the wall of his gallery in 78 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town.

If you’d like to visit the gallery, please give Gavin a call on 083 594 8959 for an appointment. He will happily show you around and tell you the story of all the bodies of work that he’s showcasing.

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