Photographs from Roelof van Wyk’s current solo exhibition at Commune 1, Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait.

On Thursday 28 July,  Roelof Petrus van Wyk’s Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait opened at
Commune 1 in Wale street. There has been a lot of media coverage about this particular body of work for very clear reasons – it showcases the young, creative Afrikaner who challenges the preconceived notions of what Afrikaners are in a post-apartheid South Africa. The subjects are all known to him personally and the tenderness and vulnerability that is translated is evidence of this.

The exhibition ends on 26 July and is followed by the launch of his book Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait.

If you’d like to read more about Roelof’s work, Art Times has done a feature in their July issue and Between 10 and 5 has published a great interview with him, and you can also follow the project’s page on Facebook.

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