Museum Gallery’s Autumn Show MMXI is coming to an end soon, so be sure to go have a look if you haven’t done so already!

Museum Gallery’s Autumn Show MMXI is coming to an end soon, so be sure to go have a look if you haven’t done so already! Hot on the heels of that inaugural seasonal show is the Winter Show MMXI, opening on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Winter Show MMXI will be a continuation of the gallery’s vision: showcasing the work of talented new South African photographers. “In keeping with our mission to expose and promote the most exciting, innovative and beautiful photographic art from South Africa, we have assembled a collection of new images from our existing roster of artists, as well as work from artists who will be exhibiting at Museum for the first time.”

The exhibition will feature works from the following photographers:
Niklas Zimmer
Dale Yudelman
Les Goodman
Dylan Culhane
Roger Horrocks

Date: Saturday 4 June 2011, 10h00 – 14h00.
Place: Museum Gallery, Upper East Side hotel, Woodstock, Cape Town.
Refreshments will be served, and the hotel offers secure parking. Please contact Dylan for more information.

Extra information about the artists after the images.

Niklas Zimmer’s breathtaking new series of underwater nudes, entitled ‘Surface Tension’, in which human forms are suspended and reflected in an abstract interplay of water, light, and form. ‘Surface Tension’ is a follow-up to ‘NZ < VT’, Zimmer’s massively successful homage to Vladimir Tretchikoff, one of the best selling collections of work exhibited at MUSEUM to date.

Dale Yudelman presents 8 images from ‘In A City’, and ongoing collection of gritty, poetic snapshots from the streets of Cape Town. A seasoned photojournalist who has turned his attention to art photography in recent years, Yudelman’s work perfectly encapsulates Cartier-Bresson’s notion of the ‘decisive moment’ in photography. This work will undoubtedly stand the test of time as one of the definitive visual essays of the contemporary South African experience, turning chaos and grime into beautiful visual haikus brimming with latent narratives.

After travelling to South East Asia earlier in the year, Les Goodman returns to MUSEUM with a series of black and white images that document her experience of the swarming, sweltering Asian metropoles. Executed in her characteristically painterly style, ‘Indochine’ is a truly original collection of evocatively textured and masterfully composed photographic images.

‘Transcendental Wayfaring’ is the latest body of work from Dylan Culhane. This collection will be exhibited in London and Berlin in June/July, but a selection of 12 photographs from the greater series have been reserved exclusively for the MUSEUM WINTER MMXI show. Combining vistas of the Klein Karoo, Mother City and Eastern Cape coastline with psychedelic filters and paint effects that emulate the decay of memory, Culhane uses bygone multiple exposure techniques on film to induce a new vision of the South African landscape and mentality.

Roger Horrocks, one of the country’s most accomplished underwater photographers, deviates from the crystalline shades of oceanic blue and aqua and dips his lens beneath the rivers and swamps of the Okavango to capture vibrant images of primordial plant life below the surface. Presented as large format C-prints, these arresting photographs draw the viewer deep into the countless contortions, swirls and surreal hues that jostle in the aquatic aether.

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