Local videographer Bryn North is at it again, this time we join him for an exotic adventure through Beijing, China.

We absolutely love supporting local photographers and videographers, and couldn’t be more excited about this latest upload by local talent Bryn North. So, sit back and relax, grab a giant cup of coffee and let’s dive head first into this latest adventure.

Watch as Bryn and friends explore the city of Beijing, eat questionable looking street food (that scorpion!), sightsee from all sorts of moving vehicles and the incredible footage as they hike and drone the Great Wall of China. We’re sure you’ll recognise the familiar face of extreme film-maker Sam Kolder, be sure to pop over to his YouTube channel to check out the vlog Bryn put together for another take on their adventures in Beijing.

If you’re like us, you’ve been bitten by the adventure bug after that. For more adventure inspiration be sure to subscribe to MrBrynNorth’s YouTube channel and give him a follow on Instagram. You can find more from Sam Kolder by checking out his YouTube channel and having a look at his Instagram here.


Categories: Cinematography