Interview with Mazdack Rassi on how they started Milk Studios, the hub for fashion, photography, casting, videography, media publishing and more.


Alexi Lubomirski is a world renowned fashion photographer who we’ve featured a couple of times here on Orms Connect. Like everyone else, Alexi also started out knocking on doors and assisting other photographers. While working with Mario Testino, Alexi says he made a habbit of asking as many questions as he could to learn about photography and the fashion industry. Now, many years later, Alexi started a series of interviews titled; “Face 2 Face”. Interviewing industry insiders to give the young photographers out there the same access that he had as an assistant on Mario Testino’s set.

In this episode, Alexi interviews Mazdack Rassi, one of the founders of Milk Studios, a media conglomerate that now is a hub for fashion, photography, casting, videography, media publishing, and cosmetics. Let’s find out how he got started, how Milk Studios was born, relentless work ethic, being open to random ideas and much, much more.

If you are not familiar with Alexi, we’ve shared his “How I got started” video on the blog a little while back, we recommend you watch that.

Keep up with more from Alexi via his YouTube channel.