Craig Kolesky is one of South Africa’s foremost surfing and action photographers.

In the words of surfing journalist, Craig Jarvis:
“So many photographers are incredibly protective over their work, to the extent that so many of their images never get seen. They disappear into folders on their desktops with names like, ‘to sell’ and ‘A-Grades’ on them. It might be business but it is self-defeating. Craig is the opposite. His goal is to get his work out there. To achieve this, Craig is a workaholic who shoots crisp and clear images for a number of clients, such as Red Bull, Oakley Eyewear, Salomon, and he also works on a freelance basis.

I have worked with Craig for many years now, and he is one of the easiest photographers to work for. He follows briefs easily, he works long hours to get the job done, and he rarely complains, despite constant enquiries and demands. The last time he complained was when his laptop was stolen. Craig travels the world shooting, and has been present at a few incredible surf discoveries and has been witness to some incredible surfing at destinations like Hawaii, Namibia, Morocco, Maldives and many more.

He produces the goods.”

Have a look at Craig’s images in our Featured Pro galleries, link below. Visit Ask A Pro for some great advice from Craig.

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Featured Pro: Craig Kolesky

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