Dylan Culhane in his own words.

Dylan Culhane in his own words:

I am a Cape Town based photographic artist, whose work aims to challenge and subsequently disassociate itself from the tendency to equate photography with realism. Regarding the camera as a magical image-making contraption capable of transcending human vision – as opposed to a forensic device – my work frequently originates from a point of experimentation with the photographic medium, partially attributable to a strong background in the ‘Don’t Think Just Shoot’ paradigm of Lomography. Over the years my style has evolved to become increasingly meticulous, layering organic and architectural elements upon each other as multiple exposures on celluloid in the way a painter might build up brush-strokes of oil upon canvas.

Wherever possible I resist the lure of digital manipulation, using oft-forgotten in-camera techniques to create provocative images more akin to illustration, painting, or digital design than photography. Steering clear of any single subject opens up the final product to an array of interpretations, and the appeal of my work lies as much in the figuring out as in the initial visceral response.

I also own and curate MUSEUM Photographic Art Gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town, where I operate a portraiture studio from THE VAULT beneath the gallery space. Oh, and I’m the founder and photographic director of JRNL, an exciting new online magazine experiment.

Basically, I’m nuts about photography.

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