Photographs from last year’s Rocking the Daisies and Rezonance festivals taken by Capetonian photographer Vincent Raffray.

We South Africans might not be lucky enough to have music festival line-ups as impressive as the dual-weekend Coachella festival in California, but we still know how to have a great time. Here’s some awesome photographs from last year’s Rocking the Daisies and the Rezonance NYE Festival, taken by Capetonian photographer and creative director Vincent Raffray.

Via Matt Visser.


Festival Photography By Vincent Raffray

  1. Hi Vincent! Would you mind sharing what equipment you use, especially lenses. Currently shooting with a 5D MKII with a 24-105L which is a nice versatile lens but looking for an addition to get the same dept of field achieved in most of these photos.

    1. Hi Neal, thanks for the comment. I’m currently using a Canon 7D with a
      few different lenses. For Daisies I had my Canon EF50mm f/1.2L with a
      filter so that I could shoot at 1.2. Otherwise I have an EF24-70mm
      f/2.8L USM and an EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM that I use quite often. I
      think that day I left the other lenses at home so that I would force
      myself to use the 50mm. For my wides I have a Tokina 11-16mm (Love that
      lense)) For your 5D, I recon an 80mm prime will give you a great depth
      of field and similar to the ones you see in these pics. It also makes a
      great portrait lens. Hope that helps))

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