To this day, film photography has an allure that digital image-making, arguably, still cannot match. With many individuals of all ages taking their photographic journeys back to the era of analogue, we thought that it would be an excellent idea to provide a comprehensive guide to film photography for beginners so you can start without being bogged down by the basics.

Our resident Video Content Producer, Jess Semple, left digital photography behind more than a year ago, choosing to turn her creative intentions to film photography, her trusty Olympus OM-1 in hand.

In this latest deep dive on our YouTube channel, OrmsTV, Jess gives you the low-down on all things analogue for newbies, including:

  • the different ways you can acquire a film camera,
  • which film types you should consider shooting on first,
  • how to load film into a 35mm film camera,
  • a no-nonsense explanation of the exposure triangle,
  • how to unload your film
  • and tips for having your film developed and scanned.

We recommend watching the full video over on OrmsTV to discover this comprehensive guide to film photography for beginners in its totality. You can check out the complete production HERE.

If you do go out and shoot some analogue photographs (or any photographs, for that matter!) please be sure to tag us in them on Instagram using the hashtag #ishootwithorms. We would genuinely love to see the beautiful images you create!


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Alternatively, you can hop back onto OrmsTV and watch our popular video about why Jess ditched digital photography forever and decided to shoot on film instead. We’re pretty sure that there are some real nuggets of helpful advice for newbie analogue shooters in that one!