Hitting you up with a little cityscape inspiration for the weekend, this time we look at the beautifully detailed photographs by fine art photographer, Romain Jacquet Lagrèze.

Despite hailing from France, Romain Jacquet Lagrèze has found a new home, at least photographically speaking, in the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong. Surrounded by the ever-changing landscape of Asia’s financial capital, Lagrèze’s fascination for urban structures and their geometric qualities have propelled him to shift away from his original design and illustrative works to become a fine art photographer specialising in cityscapes.

In a series of photo books and exhibitions, most notably his Vertical Horizon and Wild Concrete releases, Lagrèze documents the organic and somewhat chaotic aesthetic of the city in captivating fashion with a specific focus on art. The Hypebeast team caught up with him while he prepared the launch of his latest book and accompanying exhibition, to talk about his personal style, fascination with cities and the collectible aspect of print works. Let’s take a look…

This video is shared via Hypebeast, keep up with more from Hypebeast on YouTube here. You can also find more from Romain on his website, Instagram or Facebook.

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