Jonathan O’Connell from Timeslice SA has created South Africa’s first video featuring underwater bullet time effects.

Jonathan O’Connell from Timeslice South Africa claims to have filmed the first underwater time slice in South Africa. See the underwater footage and the time slice in the advertisement for the Portuguese mineral water brand Aqua Das Pedras:

The time slice or bullet time effect, made famous in The Matrix, involves using a large array of cameras simultaneously recording a scene, which effectively allows you to stop time and rotate your subject around. Of course, doing this underwater brings ups the complexity of the rig somewhat, and you have to ensure that all the cameras being used are completely waterproof. Jonathan made use of DiCAPac underwater housings as a very cost-effective way of waterproofing the DSLRs used in the shot.


Production: Moonlighting Films
Timeslice Photography: Jonathan O’Connell
Underwater Support: Frog Squad

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First Underwater Time Slice In South Africa

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