Andrew S. Gibson suggests five tips for those looking to improve their photographic composition.

Andrew S. Gibson, author of the ebook Beyond Thirds, has written a guest post for Digital Photography School dealing with steps to improve your composition. The most important tip that Andrew provides is to learn how to break the “rule” of thirds.

As Andrew states: “Learning the rule of thirds is a bit like taking driving lessons and being told that you press the gas pedal to accelerate and the brake pedal to stop the car (and nothing more). It covers the basics, but you know that there’s a lot more to driving than that. It’s the same with composition.”

The five tips are:

1. Stop composing according to the rule of thirds.
2. Be aware of balance.
3. Simplify.
4. Use lines to create dynamic tension.
5. Work the subject.

These tips are great starting points for those looking to improve their composition – read the full article over at DPS. If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments!