Photoshop Tutorial: The SLR Lounge show us how to use focus stacking to get maximum depth of field in your landscape images.

Please note: This Photoshop Tutorial video is suitable for advanced and intermediate Photoshop users!

In todays Photoshop tutorial Matthew from the SLR Lounge shows us how to achieve maximum depth of field using multiple images layered in Adobe Photoshop.

In stead of stopping your lens down all the way to f/22 and getting your entire scene “kind of” in focus, Matthew says he always prefers to use whichever aperture is sharpest on your lens, and then shoot multiple images that deliver optimal sharpness from the closest subject to infinity.

Then in post-production, Matthew demonstrates how to process the images (all synchronised together) and then layer them in Photoshop for automatic alignment and blending.

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