In this video, we join photographer James Popsys in his little test to see if cameras with smaller sensors can compete with full frame cameras. Let’s take a look…

Today we join James Popsys, a UK-based photographer who specialises in creating rather fun composite images. James also recently started an equally fun YouTube channel where he shares some lighthearted photography tips and tutorials. In this video, James does a little (non-scientific) test in the back garden to see how his micro 4/3’s camera stacks up against a full frame. Now, as James rightly states, there are all sorts to consider if you are trying to decide between going for a full frame camera or something a little smaller, in the end, it really depends on what and how you shoot. That said, smaller sensors have come a very long way, and the resulting images might just surprise you.

“Micro Four Thirds sensors and other compact systems get a lot of abuse thrown at them by full frame users for being a bit on the small side. But if you look past the snobbery, can they compete with full frame cameras? Or are small and lightweight cameras and lenses just too good to be true.ย I take a look at why something mysterious called ‘equivalence’ means small sensors often aren’t as bad as people think in low light, and hopefully this video will go some way to opening your eyes to what they can do!” – James

As we’ve mentioned, James has a fairly new YouTube channel, so if you liked this video head on over and check it out. Alternatively, you can also follow him on the website or Instagram.

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