Here’s the hard truth to help you overcome this chicken and egg situation, by Chase Jarvis

This is a question we here at Orms Connect get quite often, and apparently so does Chase Jarvis; “How do you get hired to do work that you’ve never been paid to do before because you need experience. But to get that experience, you obviously need to do the work.” It’s the chicken and the egg situation, isn’t it? Thankfully, Chase shares some insight on how to overcome this problem and yes, it’s a hard truth.

Chase is an award-winning American photographer, director, artist, entrepreneur and the CEO of CreativeLive, an online education platform that he co-founded in 2010. As a photographer, he is known for his kinetic style and emphasis on lifestyle, sports, and landscape photo imagery. His client base includes brands like; Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Red Bull – to mention but a few.

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