Who’s ready for another Orms Connect giveaway? This week we have a Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag up for grabs!

Update 2: Friday 17 May 2013 13:20PM

And the winner is… Perwez Abdullah! Congratulations Perwez! We hope you enjoy your new Kata camera bag!

For the rest of you who missed out on this month’s prize, thanks for commenting and entering, and don’t despair, we’ll have another awesome prize next month!

Update 1: Friday 17 May 2013 12PM

The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the entries, the winner will be selected and announced shortly!

Hi everyone! This month we are giving away an awesome Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag worth R1,495 to a lucky fan! Read on to find out more about the bag and how to stand a chance of winning it.

Kata’s range of excellent camera bags and backpacks are now available on Orms Direct.

The Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 Backpack is a stylish, functional, lightweight and protective backpack which is designed to carry camera gear and everyday personal effects, and can easily convert into a simple and useful daypack when not using or carrying a camera.


  • Fits a DSLR camera with 3 or 4 lenses, or a small HDV camcorder kit.
  • Fits a notebook computer up to 15.4″.
  • Comfortable padding and ripstop nylon finish.
  • Water bottle pocket doubles as tripod holder.
  • Compatible with Kata’s optional trolley accessory.
  • Built-in protective rain cover.

View more information on Orms Direct.

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How To Enter

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“What’s your favourite feature of the Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag?”


  1. The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
  2. The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook or follow @OrmsDirect on Twitter.
  3. Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
  4. No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is.
  5. The colour of the bag may vary from the images.
  6. Cameras and accessories not included.
  7. Competition closes Friday 17 May at 12:00 PM.

Please note: We make use of Random.org to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


Giveaway: Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 Backpack

  1. I love the compact size – would be a perfect companion on a long walk or overseas trip where walking is the preferred mode of transport.

  2. What I like the most is the water proof cover. When I go hiking there is always the danger of my equipment getting wet, finally a bag that realises we need to keep the equipment dry.

  3. I like the fact that it will accommodate my tripod. Its such a mission hiking and having to carry my tripod. This bag will fit all my kit and allow me to venture further and get more shots!

  4. The waterproofing bag and the laptop section.

    I am a surf photographer so working in all outdoors conditions as well as lots of travel, both of those additions to the 210 Backpack help me to better my workflow and productivity in the field.

  5. Waterproof cover is definitely the best feature – you spend so much on equipment so its great to not have to worry about it getting damaged!

  6. Has got to be the cushioned camera compartments. And i guess the accessibility of the camera, lenses etc. compared to an ordinary camera bag.

    Having traveled a bit using the usual back pack I can already how much easier this would make life.

    And since I’m leaving on another European adventure soon, I’m hoping to be the one to finally win an Orms giveaway.

  7. I Love that you can carry 3-4 lenses as well as your tripod and still have a sleek looking bag that has waterproof cover in case you get caught in a sticky situation! Amazing!

  8. I absolutely love that it can fit a notebook computer! I often want to edit my images as soon as I have taken them so I can upload them to my site, and having both the camera and notebook with me on travels is very convenient. I am a geek and have so many toys that i’d be able to fit in there, like my Diana F+ and my Canon!

  9. OMG!! This bag is brilliant!!! The fact that she is a whole mobile studio, pre-production, production, and pos-production anywhere!!! Even with a roof! But since you guys wants only one I must say it is the Built-in protective rain cover because it protects all the rest!!

  10. It’s compact enough to carry around all day but able to store all the accessories i need e.g. varioud lenses, accessories including a laptop. Size, space and comfort are main points for me with any camera bag. And it’s a kata!

  11. For me I lover the waterproofing bag as this will help with the unexpected showers. I also love the comfortable padding which makes carrying all the equipment a lot better. Considering that I have just bought a new lens I would really love one as I NEED more space 🙂

  12. The Kata Bumblebee will fit perfectly with my existing smaller Kata bag and offer great support & watertight protection for my DSLR & lenses on location shoots. Added that KATA bags last, look great and the Bumblebee is just what I need for traveling with my gear.

  13. The favourite part? It is small and compact. And that water bottle / tripod holder on the side is a winner – most other bags have theirs in the middle which sometimes restrict one’s access to the contents of a backpack.

  14. This bag is amazing! It fits all the essentials that a photographer needs, what I love most is that it looks comfortable to carry and that is the most important part of a camera bag! 🙂

  15. The fact that it fits a laptop and lenses, with a tripod holder and the built-in rain cover, makes this a really great compact full kit and convenient to take all your equipment anywhere!

  16. i love that it isnt just a camera bag, i can fit a laptop aswell! which is awesome because most of the time when you go away you dont want take lots of bags with, would be awesome to win this! see you guys at canon road show on Saturday

  17. It will fit all my gear and tripod!.Love the fact that it has the protective rain cover, comfortable to carry and you can use it as a day pack too!. This is exactly what I need for our trip to the Kalahari soon!!

  18. I really like the built-in protective rain cover. I like the bag in general, because I recently bought my first camera and don’t have enough money for a bag. It’s a good product.

  19. The fact that it can fit a water bottle AND can be used as a tripod holder. Photographers word hard, and especially at weddings, you don’t usually have space for a water bottle.

  20. What I really like about the KATA light Bumblebee 210 backpack is the extra padding for carrying comfort with this all in ONE waterproof DSLR camera & equipment backpack…

  21. That’s a tough call as there are so many AWESOME features on this Kata pack. My pick though is the “Detachable rain cover used for protection in rough weather conditions”

  22. I like that the Backpack is stylish, lightweight and that it protects the camera. I like that it can easily convert into a simple and useful day pack when not carrying a camera.

    My favorite features of the Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag are:

    Fits a DSLR camera with 3 or 4 lenses, or a small HDV camcorder kit.
    Fits a laptop
    Water bottle pocket doubles as tripod holder.
    Built-in protective rain cover.

  23. My favourite feature is that it’s multi-purpose, can hold a tripod and the camera and the laptop, means your hands are free to carry anything else you may have or need. Just a genius design.

  24. Love all the adventurous features. Will work great for all my needs being a multisport photographer. Have had problems with my small camera bag at Salomon Skyrun with quick access and protection against the elements 🙂

  25. My favorite part about the Kata D-light Bumblebee is that you can go on great outdoor photography adventures and not worry about whether you have everything you need! Because everything you need is packed and easily accessible on your back!! Great stuff

  26. This bag is perfect for me, I’m in serious need of a bag that can carry my gear going to many destinations and climates, and has has space for a laptop so that I can start processing my photos before getting back home. The fact thats it’s a dual purpose bag is great as well as a change of clothes is always handy.

  27. This bag has space for everything! The best part – is it can fit my laptop! Now I can do my job as an IT specialist and bring my camera along with it 😉 – who says you cant work and play at the same time?!

  28. I love that it eliminates the need to have other bags because it can hold everything. It replaces a camera bag, a handbag, a laptop bag and a purse and even can even hold an overnight change of clothes with space on the sides for a water bottle or nice bottle of your favourite wine!

  29. I really like the fact that it has room for a laptop as well as a DSLR camera and lenses, all compactly configured in a well padded package that is even protected from rain!

  30. What can I say The Kata D-light Bumblebee 210, is a great all round camera bag it looks super comfortable and doesn’t just take your camera but pretty much everything else as well like your laptop so you can clear those SD cards on the move !!! It look great too !!! But I would say that the bet feature is its versatility !!

  31. I love the way it looks, my current camera bag is so big and bulky, and completely unstylish. This is really lovely. I want one I want one I want one!

  32. Water bottle pocket doubles as tripod holder. I often travel with bottle of water of tripod and always straggle to find where to stick it 😉 This bag is just what I would love. It would be perfect on my trip ti Italy, since I can pack up all the nessesry gear with me and no need to carry all kinds of bags and attacments, just to enjoy the day of exploring and photoshooting. Liked your page guys the moment I bought my camera through your shop. So been a fan for a while.

  33. This would be great for a student like me who wants to travel. It holds all the important stuff I’d need like my laptop, my camera and all the cables/chargers that most bags almost always neglect. I really want one!

  34. I like that it doesn’t scream ‘Camera Bag’, and that it can be used for general hiking etc. Looks like you can fit alot of bits and pieces in there too – I always seem to have so much paraphernalia 🙂

  35. This bag is everything I need right now. Enough space for camera, lenses, laptop, tripod and it’s got a waterproof cover. For me the best feature is the functionallity of this bag. You can take it anywhere and you can take everything you need.

  36. I mlove the fact that there is space for my laptop too! I always have to pack a second bag. Another the bonus is the tri-pod holder as I always leave it home as I cant carry that too!

  37. Favourite feature would have to be the built-in protective rain cover. I am always near water and mist and this will give me peace of mind that my gear is save. Stylish looking bag indeed.

  38. crazy versatile!I love it.

    to be able to get my laptop, those must have lens, and a loop for a tripod would be awesome! and something my current bag doesnt cater for.

    I usually go around with 2 bags and a tripod over my shoulder – hiking up the mountain.which kinda makes a person look like they are hauling their vacation luggage around!lol!

    and the built in protective rain cover – this bag gets better and better!

  39. i love it coz it Compact but still pspacious and Looks Good plus it had a protective cover !! 🙂

    its an a bag because its got a space for everthing. Its All in one, laptop bag+camera bag+tripod carrier+space for your passport 🙂
    instead of carrying so many bags you just have this one 🙂
    plus no one would suspect you got so much expensive equipment in it looks like your typical backpack 🙂

  40. Just what I need to bring on a photographic safari…I have 5 favourite features: 1 ) fits 3 or 4 lenses. 2) padding and ripstop finish. 3) water bottle pocket that your the tripod can fit in. 4) rain cover protector. and lastly 5) I can take my notebook with to load those all important photos on ODP or Facebook on my photographic safari. 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  41. It is great to have a bag that is multi functional, I will be able to carry my camera stuff as well as my other stuff on an outing, Usually I have to carry 2 bags especially on a day long trip home or abroad. Also handy is the raincote – well thought

  42. My husband and myself are always outdoors. I always look like a donkey carrying all my goodies. With this bag i will not only be protected again the rain, (which so often happen) but i will be able to carry all my goodies on my back. I would feel so much more organized and it would sure help me to spend more time behind my camera!! I just Looooove this bag! I would be a very proud woman to own a bag like this! Thanks for the competition!

  43. It’s hard to find a sexy looking, functional camera bag these days. This bag has too many cool features to mention but my favourites would have to be the notebook space & rain cover. It means not having to carry a laptop bag and a camera bag and you have good rain protection while you’re out and about.

  44. What makes this the most legitimate bag is that I will be able to trek through rainforests, west coast misty missions and hike in the rain without worrying about my gear getting wet. The rain cover certainly makes this awesome bag unbeatable 🙂

  45. Oh NO! Now that I seen this packpack, my life will never be complete without it. I am in love with every since feachure that it has. Perfect! That is all that comes to mind when I look at it. Lovely design, water pocket, small zip pocket on top for phone and few small bits, space for laptop… and on top it comfy padded straps (just what my tired sholders need on a long trips). I would love be able to choose one feature, it will have to be every single one of them. A HUGE follower of you on twitter as @tatjanochka.

  46. I love the quick accessibility to all the gear. I am a travel photographer so this kind of bag is ideal. Need something like this for my upcoming trip to Zanzibar.

  47. I love the Built-in protective rain cover feature as it means that not only my camera is protected but so will my Laptop aswell.

    Real all round bag.

  48. Water resistant cover FTW! Perfect when you’re in Europe & its raining grannies & donkeys but you insist on being out to shoot the city. 🙂

  49. For me the best feature of the bag is the ability to use it either as a camera bag or as a ‘Daypack’. Therefore I wouldn’t need to buy two bags, but just this one, and use it for class in the week and hiking on weekends. Have been searching for exactly this feature for a while now 🙂

  50. I love the fact that it has so many compartments and pockets, so you can carry everything you need, even small things such as lens cleaners, extra memory cars and batteries in smaller pockets so they don’t get lost.

    I hate spending time looking for something because it’s shifted to the bottom of the bag below other stuff.

  51. This is absolutely the perfect bag for my trip to Canada. It is the first time in 10 years I’m going to see my family. Last year I was diagnosed with an aggresive lung cancer, and had an operation removing a third of my one lung and had six months of chemo. I was given a second chance in life. It is long overdue to go and visit my sister. I am departing end of June and this bag will be perfect to take along. Camera, laptop to keep a diary and even space for a snack and water on my journey.

  52. I love the versatility….my camera would be protected from shock & rain, I could carry my flash, batteries and chargers and I can take my laptop with when I travel.Plus I won’t have to lug my tripod under my arm….it wil fit perfectly on my compact, ergonomically designed backpack….perfection in one design <3

  53. The Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag is small enough but still holds ample equipment added advantage the tripod holder. Great for the outdoors enthusiast!

  54. Has to be the fact that it combines a camera bag & a laptop backpack. The choices in this area of ‘camera+laptop backpack’ are so limited! Its nice to have a new choice on the market.

  55. A really great camera and accessory bag. It allows for easy accesibilty to your camera and accessories from the top or back and has this really nifty pocket for your tripod/water bottle. The raincoat for the bag is a lso a welcome feature. I certainly would recommend this bag..

  56. LOVE everything about the bag…..rain cover is a BIG plus as well as the space for the laptop but what I realllllllllllly love about it is that there is place for my tripod which is always a hassle cos it doesnt fit into normal bags!!!! Would LOVE to win this bag :))) BTW also LOVE Orms…the photographer’s Nirvana!!!!!!!

  57. The best feature about this bag… there are soooo many! My favourite I’d say is the separate pocket for the water bottle (can’t have my camera getting wet, all water bottles leak) and the fact that it’s a backpack (spreading the weight across both shoulders). I did a hike the other day with a normal over-the-shoulder camera bag and it was horrid, this bag would have been super handy!

  58. Wow! What a compact bag! A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I like the snug protected portion for one’s camera, and relevant camera accessories. Besides, I don’t yet have a decent camera bag. This would be just the thing…

  59. I LOVE this bag !!! it has EVERYTHING I want in a bag, now that I am starting my career as a food photographer going places this will be everything I need and more …. I LOVE the water bottle pocket that doubles as a tripod holder, they think of EVERYTHING !!!!!

  60. Kata Camera Bags are quite famous for how light but durable they are, I would say that is the key features for me. So often you see a nice camera bag but as soon as you pick it up you realise how heavy it is and that it is going to be even heavier with all your equipment. I love hiking with my camera and most of my gear (seeing as you never know when you’re going to need what) but it really puts a lot of strain on your back and makes it quite rough if you have a silly camera bag strapped to your back that’s heavy and uncomfortable.

  61. I love that this is a camera bag and daypack in one. Perfect for a day trip out shooting with camera gear as well as personal items, as well as useful for around town with the laptop and pens/random stuff pockets.

  62. Really a awesome looking bag. Would be very useful for my growing collection of equipment. Ample space for my flash & tripod too. 🙂 Well thought out design (Even protection from rain).

  63. Whats my favourite feature you ask? The ENTIRE bag is awesome and I purchased 2 7D’s from u last week so would totally love this for one of them as I do have a bag for my other one

  64. I’m sure there must be 210 reasons why this d-light-ful bumblebee is so awesome but for me even though the padding adds comfort to the rain protected heavy load…laptop, dslr camera & lenses, water/tripod its the compatibility with the trolley accessory that makes it a winner for me!

  65. I love the fact that the bag has a waterproof cover and tripod holder which doubles as a water bottle holder. I usually tend to leave my camera at home when we go hiking because my camera bag is too uncomfortable to take along. If I owned this bag I will have no excuses for leaving my camera at home!

  66. The waterproof feature is by far the most useful for my purposes the bag will keep many electrical instruments and tools clean and dry.I went to view one in store today looks great the quality is excellent and that front small pocket would work a dream.

  67. Glad to see that it can fit a notebook computer up to 15.4″ so no need to lug around two bags when travelling or going on adventure hikes. Also love that it has a built-in protective rain cover

  68. Definitely the Built-in protective rain cover!I am always out in the rain and this winter is gonna be epic if i had an amazing bag like this!

  69. The space is a big bonus in this bag,but what is the best feature is the Built-in protective rain cover,for getting my camera exposed to rain…..well need i say more…..

  70. My favourite feature of the Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag is that it is a hands free, yet complete solution to outdoor shooting.

  71. Love the space for my laptop- the protection and the snug fit -the strap fastens in front and the bag cannot get hooked or pull loose without you knowing….

  72. The features of this bag all work together to make it a top quality product. If I had to choose two features I would say the built-in rain cover and the space. I love hiking and the beauty of nature, especially in wet weather situations. So naturally (yeah, I went there) the rain cover is invaluable. And since I need a bag that can not only safely carry my camera, lenses and tripod, but also other necessities like books and tools for art school and food and extra clothing for adventuring, this would be an all-round champion.

  73. I love that it serves as an all-in-one bag. I am planning a trip and was frustrated that I may have to carry a backpack and my camera bag all day – this bag would stylishly kill two birds with one stone.

  74. i like that the fact it can hold many lenses, it was my birthday a day ago and i purchased a new lens from orms with all the money in my bank account. only to realise that my new lens doesnt fit in my current bag. so now i need a larger bag. with this bag i would be able to fit all my new equipment aswell as my new lens. would be rad!

  75. I love the bag cause it is rain proof(raincoat), so you van put it down on wet grass and it is protected, also that it can fit a laptop, most of my accessories and camera, notebook and pens and it is a real all in one bag!!!

  76. Would really Love to Get one for free, new to photography and dont have a bag yet, Would love orms more than i already do if i could Get one for free!

  77. The comfortable padding and ripstop nylon finish are most important to me for extended periods in the field. All the other features we have already come to expect from Kata.

  78. Love this bag .. now when I am away for weekends taking photographs I can have everything at my fingertips .. and also put my laptop into the bag and be organised to download pictures as and when I want to.

  79. My favourite feature is that i can carry my laptop with me in the same bag and update my shoots in real time. No more carting around two bags or waiting until i get home to update.

  80. This bag seens to cover all the angles, as I would definitely be able to fit all my gear plus my laptop in it, At present I have to take three bags whenever I go away somewhere to fit my three lenses, camera , flash and all my other gadgets (some of which was bought at Orms online). A big plus is also the rain cover.

  81. Because my husbands a fly fisherman and I’m a photographer – this is most probably the bag that will allow me to tag along and try for those elusive shots:-) – other bags are too large, cumbersome and heavy. Water-proof elements also helps.

  82. With the Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 Camera bag I could take all my camera gear along with me when I go out to take great photographs along the coast and on other hiking trips.

  83. I love all the compartments, lots of space all my extra goodies. Also love the space for the tripod, going to make travelling so much easier – way less stuff to carry. Plus the waterproof protection is an awesome added bonus.

  84. he fact that it has space for my laptop, can prevent water getting in and that it looks so dam good and comfortable. deff would love to rock this bag while shooting m sports and events.

  85. Oh my….I’ve always wanted to get one of these….esp when i take my camera along on hikes & when i’m doing adventurous things with my hubby and our boys….it’s so much more convenient to have everything neatly embedded into this AWESOME backpack where it will be safe & won’t get lost or damaged – I’d love to own this!

  86. Just an amazing day-packk…not only for carrying you camera equipment, there is also so much space for other stuff….AND…not like many other backpacks…it looks very cool!

  87. It may sound like a small thing, but the bright-coloured interior is great on Kata bags – helps find stuff in the dark. LowePro bags with grey interior don’t help your gear to stand out in low light.

  88. I really like the fact that you can fit a notebook computer up to 15.4″, this is a really nice feature as the bag isnt a dedicated “camera bag”. Makes for a very versatile storage unit.

  89. The choice I have between a fully functional camera and accessories bag with the added benefit of holding a notebook or a bag I can use for everyday. No limits and its all about choice. A 2 in 1 deal.

  90. Joh Joh this is a awesome camera bag . Joh I like it . My favourite feature of the kata D- light Bublebee 210 camerabag is that has a raincoat to protect the bag against rain . Another feature I like is that the bag has space for 3- 4 lenses and what also is awesome is that there is space for your laptop . I realy want this bag . It is so perfect for photography .

  91. Stunning looking bag with lots of space for all those extra things that other bags tend to ignore (notebook, tripod etc.) The `raincoat` is my fave feature though. No more panicked hunting for dry spots when the rain starts

  92. The Built-in protective rain cover is my favourite feature. I always wanted something for my camera that was waterproof. I love the fact that it is a backpack makes it more convenient.

  93. Some great features especially the Built-in protective rain cover and the fact that you can fit a laptop.

    I like the name “Bumblebee” – sweet on the lips.

  94. The fact that this bag can hold a notebook computer is such a perfect addition for travelling, and I love the water bottle pocket that doubles as a tripod holder. Ingenious!

  95. I like the fact I can fit all my essentials in one bag when traveling. I usually have at least two nags with all my stuff. It’s a really cool bag. 🙂

  96. Really nice bag, love the compact size yet still has space to lug a tripod around, i cant go anywhere without a tripod, finally a simple yet logic solution

  97. I’d say my favourite feature is the “Built-in protective rain cover”. That would really be a life saver, or should I say equipment saver.
    Lots of space.

  98. I love the fact that it is lightweight, durable and has a raincoat for rainy weather and enough space for all my essential camera gear! And I can carry my tripod with it too. Definitely a win-win situation.

  99. I love that you don’t need more than this bag to travel with, it fits everything I need and has weather protection which is the ultimate! Love love love!

  100. This looks like a awesome bag i like the fact that you can convert the bag in to a day pack for when you need a normal back pack and the space for a lap top would be perfect for when im traveling 🙂

  101. I love the multifunctionality of the bag: water bottle holder doibles as a tripod holder, Camera or Camcorder, Laptop, daybag and to top it all off is the rain cover! Could get lost in the field for days with this bag! A real survival pack! Awesome!

  102. I absolutely love that it can hold your laptop as well. I still make many mistakes shooting in manual and having the laptop will give better control on checking photos are all perfect before you leave. No disappointment later

  103. Love this bag, the one i am using does not come near to this one! When i open mine half my accessories fall out. I also love that you’ve got space for the tripod! Well done on this supper creation!!!!

  104. What I like most is thats theres a bottle holder and enough space inside to fit all your lenses and even a lunch pack for those long walk day trips.

  105. I like the general features of the bag making it great for outdoor photography. Little things like the rain cover and water bottle holder make a difference!

  106. I love this camera bag for various reasons. It not only allows you to fit all of your gear in, but your laptop as well. I shoot a lot outdoors and the fact that this bag is waterproof and and compact to carry makes it a winner!!!! 😀

  107. My favourite features are that it fits a DSLR camera WITH 3 or 4 lenses, or a small HDV camcorder kit and that your notebook computer can fit in there aswell. Its like have it all handy in one bag 😀

  108. This may sound lame, but its the little things that often make a huge diference, so my favorite feature is the attention to detail, the zip pockets that hold the chest bands in whilst not in use is fantastic! I don’t know how many times those things get tangled or in the way! I really appreciate the special back moulding too.

  109. My favourite feature is the water pocket that doubles as a tripod holder. It’s such a schlep to carry a camera bag and a tripod separately – you might miss a shot because you had to put the tripod down first.

  110. I love the raincoat feature. Allows you to safely store and protect your camera whilst out on an outdoor photo expedition. I love the secure compartments for storing your camera. You could jog through a forest with peace of mind that your camera won’t be thrown around. Great nag.

  111. I like the fact that i can be mobile and take my equipment(camera equipment) and office(laptop etc) with me in a compact camera bag. It is convenient and I have the peace of mind when it rains, It is protected by a fold away rain jacket. All I need in 1 camera bag

  112. The feature that I like is Holds Computer with Screen up to 15.4″ which will enable me to download images to my laptop on the move a great bag

  113. This bag would be my ideal upgrade.. current one can’t even fit my body, flash and one of my lenses. Having space for all of this in one place would would great! Even has space for the gorillapod on the side, and won’t have any worries about running out of space as the laptop will be right with me everywhere. And for those hikes into waterfalls, the waterproof cover would be perfect! All in all, a very good bag, now if only I could get my hands on one to test it out properly!

  114. This is the coolest camera bag I have ever seen. My favourite feature will be the fact that it has a rain cover, but that one can also fit a laptop in with ease. This will be a great bag for me.

  115. I like the Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 Backpack it is a “all in one” backpack no need to carry additional bags for other equipment. It is more than just a camera bag.

  116. I would love to win it as I am going to Vietnam in July during the monsoon
    and the protective rain cover will come in very handy to protect my 7d and lenses

  117. I love the Built-in protective rain cover! Cape Town weather can change 3, 4, 5 times a day! We sometimes have all seasons in one day and anytime it rains I get concerned about the contents in my bag. So the Built-in protective rain cover is one feature I know I’ll use often! The fact that I can fit my laptop and other handy equipment (tripod) means this bag is also an awesome travelling bag. A+ for this bag!

  118. This awesome camera bag can fit ALL equipment plus a laptop plus its waterproof for hikes! There isn’t only one amazing feature, the entire bag has every feature one would need! I would definitely recommend this bag 🙂

  119. OK, it presses all the right buttons when it comes to that lightweight portability combined with strength and ruggedness, comfort supremo, space to tuck girl’s small stuff alongside the lenses, and even waterproofing…but hey, it’s seriously good-looking too! Never underestimate that. Grey is the new black…

  120. What attracts me is its versatility as a camera bag, daypack and travel bag. The aesthetic and dimensions of the bag are a plus. It has enough space for odds and in photography there’s lots if those.

  121. My favourite feature of this awesome bag is the fact that I can also pack in my laptop along with my camera gear! But there are more faves too, like the pocket for carrying a water bottle.

  122. This bag doesn’t only look great; it is practical in the sense that there are space for laptop &stuff as well. Also, travelling with it overseas for a (business) trip would make sense – it does not look very obviously like a laptop or camera bag – so great for safety too 🙂

  123. My fav feature of Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag isn’t really a
    feature. I’m loving the overall designe of it, most bags these days
    have a very similar layout and feel to them – this one’s different all
    round. That said, the competition asks to mention a feature of the Kata
    D-Light Bumblebee 210 camera bag is that even on days when you’re not
    shooting it doubles as a great backpack. If I tried that with by
    current bag I’d look like a real chop haha!

  124. A great and awesome bag, should serve any photographer well, the simplicity yet well thought out structure gives easy access to the camera and accessories, yet giving the best protection to them. who wouldn’t want one of these! truly awesome!

  125. I desperately need a new backpack and this one ticks all the boxes, I just love all the compartments for the gear and the raincoat is an added bonus..

  126. I love the fact that it fits a DSLR camera with 3 or 4 lenses! It is very difficult to find a decent camera bag that can take all of my lenses and still looks comfortable! Also love the fact that it takes a bottle and extras as I love hiking with my camera and always have to take a bottle and tripod and extra lenses in another back pack

  127. Would love this great camera bag as I am going to Vietnam in july during the monsoon, Its protective rain cover would keep my camera and lenses clean and dry in very wet conditions

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