Stand a chance to win a Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW camera backpack by telling us what your favourite outdoor activity is.

Update 2: And the winner is…

Andre Redlinghuis

Andre wrote: “I enjoy mountain biking. Not only will this bag protect my gear against the various elements, but will allow me quick access to take a shot.”

Congratulations! Big thanks to everyone that commented and entered. Keep an eye out for upcoming competitions and giveaways!

Update 1: The competition is now closed! Thanks for all the entries, and good luck for the draw. We’ll be announcing the winner soon.

Hi all, this month our giveaway winner is in for a treat as we will be giving away one of the brand new Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW camera bags worth R1,595! Just released, these packs are aimed at the outdoor adventurer and are designed to withstand the elements.

The Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW pack allows you to pack your pro DSLR with grip and up to a 300mm f/2.8 lens attached making it a great choice for the nature or sports photographer. It will also accommodate an extra 1-3 lenses or flashes as well as your tripod or monopod. Plus, since Lowepro understands that remote locations don’t often have water fountains available, the pack will hold an optional 1 liter hydration reservoir.

Building on the standard Lowepro Flipside series, the Sport versions offer the same quick access to your gear by simply swinging the bag around, but enhances it with a waterproof silicone coating on the outer layer, and if the weather gets even worse you can also pull out an all-weather cover. The packs come in both blue and orange variants – the colour of the prize has not been confirmed. As an added bonus, the padded camera compartment can be lifted out, converting the bag into a daypack.

How to enter:
Make sure that you have liked our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, and then leave a comment on this blog post, answering the following question:

“What is your favourite outdoor sport or activity – and how will the Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack make it even more enjoyable for you?”


  1. The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
  2. The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook or follow @OrmsDirect on Twitter.
  3. Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
  4. No exchanges or returns available – the prize is awarded as is.
  5. The colour of the prize may vary.
  6. Competition closes Friday 14 September at 12:00 PM.

Please note: We make use of to randomly generate a number corresponding to the eventual winner’s comment. We run the number generator once – the first number is the winner. All comments get checked for duplicates first and each valid entry gets a number assigned to it. The nature of this random system ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning, which is very important to us. If you post under an anonymous nickname, we will attempt to maintain your anonymity.

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Giveaway: Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW

  1. This is a great backpack, my sons are always busy with promotion work and then we have to carry a lot of stuff, like waterbottles, camera, video-camera and extra clothing. This will be great for us to keep all their goodies in here and comfortable as well!!!!

  2. My favourite outdoor activity is walking through the beautiful heritage sites in South Africa, this
    Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack will make it even more enjoyable for me because I can carry everything I need in just one bag.

  3. My favourite outdoor activity is probably taking photos – I’ll go anywhere. As often as I can.
    Honestly at the moment I’d take any camera bag with more room as my current bag is a tight squash.
    It sure is a fine looking bag 🙂

  4. I love trekking up the mountain or along the coast earlly mornings and evenings the capture majestic scapes. Living in the Gardne Route it’s pretty easy to do! The Lowepro Flipside sport fits my landscape gear perfectly, protects it and if the waist belt is kept on offers easy access.

  5. When I have to walk an hour through bushes and climb over rocks to get to my favorite surf spot, the Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack will make it so much easier to take all my gear with me and give me the opportunity to capture those perfect waves!!

  6. I love rock climbing, and being able to climb with no risk to my camera gear is always a concern, what particularly impreses me, beyond the normal high standards of the lowepro range, is there is almost nothing on the backpack, that can snag and result in either me or my gear free falling. Would love to upgrade my bag to this delicious looking baby.

  7. My world, this is an awesome bag! I love trekking and long trails and it’s always so painful to carry those uncomfortable equipment backpacks around… If I get this Lowepro Flipside, finally I’ll be able to take all the equipment I want and not to worry about the weight – this bag looks pretty confortable and especially made for this!! Great news!!

  8. I’ve recently taken up Clay Pigeon shooting. With the current camera bag I have it’s difficult to carry the camera and the ammunition for my shotgun. I have to place my camera somewhere and take the risk of loosing the chance of a good shot. With the Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW, I have a faster turnaround time to take that shot without having to secure the firearm, leave the station and grab the camera!

  9. With flexibility strapped to my back, the Lowepro Flipside helps me to get closer and quicker to my shot.. hiking, biking, canoeing, abseiling.. it’s all there when I need it.. catch you on the ‘flipside!’

  10. I would love to take my camera on all my adventures, but my current camera bag is very cumberson…This new Lowepre Flipside would take my photography to places its never been before…

  11. Im a female photographer who lives for capturing the emotion, beauty and endurance of man pushing him/her self to the limits in the outdoors. Trail Running and MTB challenges are rewarding events to capture. Not only are you in the midst of complete awesomeness, but you gain a sense of perspective when the athlete is challenged against elements, mountains, rivers and sheer greatness of this beautiful planet.
    Capturing Trail Running and MTB challenges involves a lot of endurance from the photographer. Being a female the weight and size of the camera backpack can make or break getting those crucial epic photos that the athletes will treasure after the race. I sturggle with an ordinary backpack that is designed for everyday use. With a Lowepro Flipside Sport I know I will be able to go the extra mile to capture the greatness both in man and the outdoors.

  12. I can only take my camera in a backpack on the bike. Anywhere else and I may damage it due to vibration. Right now I put a camera bag in my backpack, but this eats time when I want to just take a shot and I have missed several opportunities because of this. I’d love to have such a backpack!

  13. I am sorry to say that I currently use one of your competitor bags 🙁 , but this bag is awesome, and will a perfect fit for me and my photography. My passion is adventure, from the urban jungle (where safety is a priority) to surfing spots, mountain biking, hiking and triathlon events, this bag has it all. I am ecstatic that Lowepro has designed a bag that fits my needs so perfectly. Weel done, and thanks Orms.

  14. Hiking, hiking, hiking. In rain. In wind. In cold. In heat. Short hikes and longer ones. I reckon this backpack is a winner as I don’t have to stress about weather conditions. I can easily access my gear, I can drink on the run or ‘walk’ and it looks damn fine.

  15. I love just wandering around, looking for random interesting things and this bag will fit like a glove in my wanderings of findings. Shoulder bags are just too identifiable and awkward to walk around with for long periods.

  16. This looks like a fantastic bag to carry just enough gear on a walk or hike to photograph birds with my 300 up the mountain, and for nightscapes when I’m off traveling.Best destination is the Arctic, and it will certainly come in handy for those long walks, space for a 300 and some gloves and a fleece in case the weather turns!

  17. I frequent the city, CBD Cape Town and such. The Lowepro Flipside would aid me a lot in these adventures. Its rather sketchy carrying your equipment around in some areas of the CBD so safety is a worry. This bag will help a lot with no outside zips exposed, the only access being if I unstrap and flip it around. No wondering fingers finding their way inside this bag. This would be a big help in the safety of my equipment, peace of mind and the enjoyment of my outdoor adventures.

  18. Hiking is way up there with my favourite outdoor activities, but when you’re as clumsy as I am reaching for a regular camera bag or backpack on top of a mountain is more than enough to send me flying over the edge. In the interest of the safety of hikers in cape town, I think having this bag on my back, and being able to swing it around for easy access, could save lives.

  19. Dear Orms,

    My favourite outdoor activity would be photographing outdoors. The “Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack” is rugged enough for me to confidently reach those inaccessible shots while facing the erratic Cape Town elements. I would want the bright orange one to ward off wild mountain goats, dassies and baboons and always having the peace of mind that if something goes horribly wrong I wouldn’t have to cut off my own arm but it would save my life!

  20. This bag would be perfect for the varied landscape that is Cape Town. Protection against black South Easters, driving rain and sand storms on the Cape Flats and in the urban jungles of Long Street, while transitioning easily to mountain meanders and and getting the perfect beach sunset shot.

  21. With the children in tow to most sporting events, weddings, weekend outings and bush holidays the Lowpro flipside bag would proove most useful. Not only does Mum take all the pics but she also ends up carrying all the extras: shoes, juice bottles, jerseys etc. This bag would not only protect my equipment but would also enable me to continue doing those Mum things.

  22. I’ve been looking for a backpack-style camera bag for a few months now that could convert to a day pack and be decently waterproof. I ride a motorbike on a daily basis and want to carry my camera with me securely but still easy to reach when needed. I currently have to carry it inside a camera bag inside another backpack, which is unpleasant.

    We also love Geocaching which combines hiking, orienteering and treasure hunting with a GPS. You often need to scramble around on all fours to get to your cache’s location, and when you’re there you need to be able to access your gear quickly and easily. I also like that it has a built-in hydration pack!

  23. As a family we spend our summer weekends on the cricket field and usually have to leave our cameras at home because there are just too many bulky bags to carry! With this stylish bag we’ll always have our cameras close at hand and never have to worry about those sudden highveld thunder showers either! The next 6 i hit over deep cover will be recorded in time and showed to the grandchildren repeatedly! 🙂

  24. My favorite activity is taking my D5100 for walks…. With this backpack our walks would be safer, much more comfortable and easy enough to access my camera in order to NOT miss the shot.

  25. I shoot extreme 4 x 4 and need to take my gear with me where ever I go. Without the
    Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW
    to keep everything save,the drivers could see my equipment as another obstacle to cross over. I need the best protection…..thanx LOWEPRO.

  26. I love hiking, and this bad would stop me from being terrified that I’d destroy my camera every time I take it out. Plus it’s got a nifty pouch for a water bladder and rain cover, excellent design 🙂

  27. Both hiking and biking are on my agenda. Lugging photo equipment is heavy enough, I don’t want to be carrying extra weight in form of a chunky backpack. This backpack looks just like the solution I’ve been looking for!

  28. being in remote places, hiking, meeting new cultures and people, and photographing them is one of my passions. this bag is perfect for rugged trips in lesotho, where occasionally good weather turns to snow or thunderstorms. through a few tough weather experiences, i have already gained my faith in lowepro, and this bag looks like it has great protection for my 7d and lenses! (:

  29. My favourite outdoor activity: Lugging my camera around mountain tops taking photos 😀 Having a bag that can take a cameras, lenses, tripod, day hike gear and more is just the ultimate camera bag for me. I followed the development of the Sport 15L AW ever since it was announced on the Lowepro blog many months ago. I finally found it an outdoorshop and fell in love with the bag but alas I could not afford it 🙁

  30. Game viewing! The bag would be ideal to take my camera with me on bush walks and climbs. Usually I cant carry my big lens with me because of lack of space. This bag would be ideal to make sure I always have the perfect lens with me to capture the moment at hand.

  31. i am really keen to get into action sports but my current bag makes capturing trail running and mountain bike races quite a challenge. with this bag i will be free to move quickly and catch al the action.

  32. Great bag for the outdoors and living in Cape Town sure can put one of these to good use, chalking one up for my Christmas stocking … if I can wait that long 😉 Perfect to take the gear with on all those magic hikes and actually bring some pics back to share.

  33. My favourite outdoor activity is geocaching, which means I usually
    have a GPSr in one hand and a piece of paper in the other while I’m searching
    for caches out in the bush or on top of mountains. The Lowepro Flipside Sport
    backpack means I’ll be able to lug my DSLR along with me to record my
    adventures when I find that cache!

  34. My passion is outdoor portraiture! A Lowepro bag will make my life so much easier when shooting on location. Packing and unpacking my current bag usually takes up 20% of the time of the shoot!!! Would like to know who were the people involved in designing and approving my bag for manufacture…

  35. Trekking and hiking top the list…but suffering from a major case of the travel bug….done with Austria, Himalayas, and NYC this year….at last a camera bag that can handle the weather, water and camera gear….SUPER LIKE!!! 🙂

  36. Attending music festivals to
    take pics for the artist’s social media platforms. The bigger ones
    include a good amount of hiking between stages. The Lowepro 15L AW would
    be a welcome alternate to my single strap Slingshot in what sometimes
    becomes a running event trying to get from one stage to the other in

  37. As someone who travels a lot, especially around Asia, it is essential that I have a good quality camera bag to lug around my equipment safely on buses, taxis, trains and flight. My last bag has now worn out from constant use and would love the chance to get my hands on this Lowepro Flipside. Convenience it will create on the move will make my life much much easier

  38. My favourite outdoor activity to do is walking. so this bag would be awesome to put all my gear in and take couples shoots and landscaping shots. Can be protect my gear in all seasons..

  39. It’s so nerve-wrecking hiking with a small simple camera bag. It bangs around at your side and doesn’t have much padding at all. This would keep my equipment safe and me happy 🙂

  40. As an avid wildlife photographer, either out on the ocean or hiking across the land, the spacious interior and integrated camel pack suites my requirements perfectly! Not to mention that orange is my favourite colour!:)

  41. I love snowboarding, I snowboarded in the Matroosburg (paarl) mountains when there was snow there, unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera bag so I was unable to take my camera up and get some awesome photos and footage.

  42. My world! This is the exact bag that I need. I have been on the look out for one that will be perfect for me, this seems like all in one and all I need. 🙂 I would be honored to win bag that would take me so much further in my photographic missions around the mountains. Following on twitter and loving the Facebook page already.

  43. My favourite outdoor activity is photography! This time of the year while fishing off Cape Point we see many rare bird species as well as whale and other marine life. Anyone who has been on a boat around this coast will realise that having your camera easily accessable in a safe place is very important as you only have a split second to capture these marine animals on a photo. Leaving your camera on the deck of the boat is not an option due to the vibration and water, so having a Lowepro Flipside will bring my favourite outdoor activity, photography and my favourite outdoor sport, fishing together.

  44. I love Mountain biking. It’s always been difficult taking my camera along into remote, yet beautiful places. With this Lowepro bag,I could take my camera along, get shots of my mates doing awesome stuff and even have some water along the way.

  45. I love Cape Town and the outdoors. Just being out and about shooting weddings or kiddies parties. Enjoying the fauna and flora of the Cape. This bag will definitely help without the need to put the bag down and change lenses on the go. Quick, Safe and fast. Would be a nice birthday present.

  46. On Monday I write my final exam to complete my post grad. This means I’ll be out for a photography session quite soon. What better way to be rewarded for the studies than with this awesome bag.

  47. My husband and I ride motor bikes and love travelling around the Western Cape taking photographs. At the moment, every time I want to take a picture I have to get off my bike to get my camera out of the back box. With this bag, I would be able to capture so many more images along our journey. We enjoy most outdoor activities and this bag will be absolutely AWESOME. THanks for the great giveaway and fantastic store!

  48. My favourite outdoor activity is hiking, quite often in mountainous terrain.
    Needless to say, having both hands free makes the more breathtaking areas more
    easily accessible, but it means that I have to bury my camera deep in the bowels
    of “old faithful” (an old and well-worn backpack NOT designed for DSLR’s).
    Lowepro Flipside would revolutionise my life by catapaulting me into the world
    of 21st century photography! Liking the facebook page.

  49. I’m a hiker and photographer ever on the hunt for a stunning shot in the mountains of the Western Cape, researching ancient sacred sites of southern Africa for my studies. I would simply love to be able to get to my prime positions with all my gear in one stunning bag on my back, all safe and protected from the mists and sea air!

  50. I love to go Rock Climbing with my younger brother and this Lowepro bag would be perfect to keep my camera equipment in when we’re climbing so that I can get my camera out with ease.

  51. Im always outdoor on a photo expedition, my favourite is mountain biking. Girls always need something or someone to pick up or carry stuff for them, this bag would do it for me….. I absolutely LOVE this bag….. PLS can I have it?

  52. Hiking and landscape photography – having an all weather bag to protect and carry my equipment with me would be amazing. Everything is at your fingertips when that right moment arises.

  53. Sitting in a hide taking photos is my favourite outdoor activity and this bag will be a huge help in not only carting all my equipment to my favourite spots, but making it easily accessible on the way there and back.

  54. I often spend hours in a harness waiting for rock climbing friends and clients to come up into my frame as I dangle from above. My old LowePro Orion AW is now so faded and battered from scraping against rocks and travelling that this might just be the perfect upgrade for my future missions.

  55. I LOVE mountain climbing and absailing and capturing those amazing scenery shots but its daunting taking my camera knowing it could easily get smashed on the side of the mountain. Having this bag would mean i have absolute peace of mind about the safety of my camera

  56. Where to start? I use my camera bag to travel to remote locations for landscapes, trekking to town and then walking it flat doing skating-portraits i carry my bag everywhere i go and it is killing my shoulder so having a back pack such as one of these would make my life and my shoulder feel way beter hehehe 🙂

  57. Definitely hiking – and how far I can go to get a photo is determined by my camera bag. With the Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack, I will be able to go all the way!

  58. Birdwatching. And that pesky little sport of trying to wrestle your camera out of a camera bag and into position to photograph that little bird before it flies away. With this camera bag, I may get more than some blurry feathers heading north.

  59. Fav outdoor activity is Trail Running, and I always find myself looking at some seriously spectacular views up a mountain with no camera!!! The Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L AW pack should help me cart some gear and capture some amazing landscapes,

  60. Finally, a camera bag designed for my lifestyle! I rock climb, mountain bike, hike, trail run, scuba dive and generally do anything with a promise of adventure. My trusty Nikon SLR is never far out of reach. This bag will be the perfect inspiration to kick-start my dream career of becoming a travelling action-adventure-sports photographer.

  61. Hiking along the coast of Walker bay. The Lowepro Flipside Flipside Sport 15L AW will help me keep my favorite gear close at hand and safe from the elements when I am looking for that one great shot.

  62. I cant single out one outdoor activity as my favorite. From mountain biking, enduro trail rides, sports and hiking! This bag would be very handy in all those activities.

  63. Whether its hiking in the mountains or the streets of a city or the suburbs – the bag would make an excellent addition to finding the right lens or body for the moments wishing to be snapped — On the other hand – would definitely try taking it to the beaches of the N2 highway and capture the raw nature of the seas and the surfers who travel the waves on a daily basis — later days

  64. Currently use a Lowpro Adventra 170 bag, which holds a canon 550d, 50mm lens, 75mm-300mm lens, 100mm macro lens, 18mm-55mm lens, a Speedlite 430ex2, flashbender and yongnuo wireless modulators, so no matter how the creative juices are flowing, I can adapt for the scene. The Lowpro Flipside Sport 15w AL will be a great ugrade to my current bag and help me get the right equipment in no time.

  65. I spend lots of time in fynbos for work (I’m a botanist) and pleasure (I’m a plant nerd). As the environment I work in is so diverse, this necessitates frequent stops to capture the constantly changing vegetation and views. I’m also switching between a macro and wide-angle lens and the bag will help this. The fact that its weather-resistant is an added bonus!

  66. Jumping on my adventure motorcycle and heading off into the Cederberg mountains and Karoo for a few days. The Lowepro will help carry all my lenses to capture the beauty and of the open road and man and his machine.

  67. I currently use a Lowepro Mini Trekker when hiking in the mountains.I find it a bit big when only wanting to carry 1 body and 2 lenses.This new pack will allow me to hike longer and faster.

  68. I do a lot of trail running and hiking in the mountains of the Western Cape, with a Canon 60D and two lenses on my back, but I don’t have a bag specifically geared for this purpose, so It can get quite uncomfortable after a number of kilometers. This Lowepro Flipside Sport backpack seems perfect!!!

  69. I do downhill mountainbiking photography, so I’m out there in the mountains and a lot, and need a durable backpack that can handle a long lens and all my other accessories. And the hydration pack is a great feature to this.

  70. My favourite outdoor activity is shooting time lapses. Often this means hiking far distances to remote locations and a comfortable outdoor pack with enough space for the essentials and weather protection would be a perfect companion.

  71. My favourite outdoor activities are trail running and mountain biking! The Lowepro flipside sport backpack will allow me to keep doing my favourite outdoor activities but with my DSLR camera with me. While I am running or riding I will be able to have my hands free and not be bothered by a big bulky camera bag like I have now! But there is quick easy access to get my camera with the
    Lowepro flipside sport backpack to take that perfect picture!

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