Here’s some feedback from judges Craig Kolesky and Dewald de Jager for the close contenders in our recent GoPro competition.

With the amount of great entries we received, judging the recent GoPro competition proved to be quite a challenge! After selecting Dave Meinert as our winner, we also felt that we should share some of our feedback for the runners-up entries. Here’s what the judges Craig Kolesky and GoPro SA’s Dewald de Jager had to say:

Ride 2012 by Dylan Haskin

Craig: Very cool clip, although some parts took a bit long for the rider to come through the frame, and the song did not jump out at me either. Dylan has LOADS of potential and I am amped to see his progress and future work – keep it up.

Dewald: Strong entry and beautifully put together. Nice slow-mo just before the end but the video ends very abruptly. Music wasn’t very original.

2011 Whitewater Grand Prix by Andrew Pollock

Craig: Andrew’s video was something else – I had seen this clip before and needed no introduction to is work. A-grade clips throughout, with a huge variety of footage and great use of music.

Dewald: Great video with fantastic variety of footage and angles. Good mix of POV and other shots. Very high quality production.

Surfing Sumatra by Jacque Smit

Craig: I come from a surfing background and was stoked to see this clip. For me, this clip was well edited with some really good footage and ideas – every surfer dreams of having memories like this from a trip. Good Job.

Dewald: Video is very good in total. The music was a great choice and suits the video. Editing was solid. I think the content was a bit repetitive and lacked some unique angles.

Carrie On Preview by Jared Hinde

Craig: Jared’s clipย was really cool – as I was getting into the clip it ended, leaving me wanting more. Can’t wait to see the full clip.

Dewald: This teaser has loads of potential, but was very short. The full version would have done very well if it continued with the same core elements.

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GoPro Competition: Runners-Up Feedback

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