Watch this: GoPro footage of a downhill skateboarder triggering the traffic camera on Kloof Nek Road.

AndrΓ© Roux posted this incredible GoPro video to YouTube, featuring a downhill skateboarder named Decio taking on the challenge of Kloof Nek Road. On his way down, Decio even fools the traffic camera into capturing what is probably a great shot!

For more of AndrΓ©’s videos, check out his channel, or view some more GoPro footage right here on Orms Connect.

Via My City By Night.


GoPro Footage: Kloof Nek Downhill Skating

  1. I dont think idiot is the right word more in the lines of daring skater, quite excellent balance and good call having his friends drive behind him for safety reasons πŸ™‚ great job spoofing that cam πŸ˜€

  2. Extremely stupid. Image if he hits a car and as a result kills himself or a bystander or passenger. Nothing can justify this kind of idiocy. I look into accidents of this kind for the RAF and see the hart ache and misery that this kind of braindead people cause.

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