Combining all-out speed with an effortless shooting experience, the GoPro HERO10 Black is the most powerful GoPro yet. Thanks to the all-new GP2 chip, this almighty action camera produces 5.3k video at double the frame rate of the previous model, and snaps 23MP photos, all with enhanced low-light performance and silky smooth dynamic movement capabilities, courtesy of HyperSmooth 4.0.

The GP2 engine in the HERO10 Black is GoPro’s fastest processor ever. Its powerful features mean snappier performance, more responsive touch controls, and double the frame rate, all resulting in mind-blowingly smooth footage and an even better shooting experience that will wow even the most familiar GoPro shooters.

GoPro always ups the game with each new release, and the HERO10 Black is no exception. It now shoots 23MP stills — a 3MP improvement over the HERO9 Black — and 5.3K video at 60 fps, whereas the previous model outputted a maximum of 5K 30 fps. You also have access to 120 fps at 4K. Perhaps most notable is the jump-up in terms of slo-mo capability: the HERO10 Black now does 8x slo-mo at a whopping 2.7K resolution, a vast step-up from the 1080p output offered by the previous model.

The aforementioned 23MP stills mean you can shoot with fine detail, realistic textures and stunning contrast, even when the lighting conditions are less than ideal. Underwater photography on the GoPro HERO10 Black has also been bumped up, thanks to a new water-shedding hydrophobic lens cover that repels water, eliminates lens flare, and any other unwanted artifacts that diminish overall image quality. You also have time-lapse functionalities at multiple intervals, and the ability to shoot a burst of 25 photos in one second.

GoPro’s HyperSmooth feature gets better with every new release, and HyperSmooth 4.0 makes good on that promise. Enjoy smoother footage than ever before, with even simpler operation than previous-gen GoPros. HyperSmooth 4.0 also has a higher tilt limit on its horizon levelling, so your videos always look perfectly straight and balanced, regardless of the shooting conditions.

On the ergonomic front, the HERO10 Black makes it even easier for you to frame your shots for vlogging and selfies, with a high-quality LCD touchscreen that provides a smooth frame rate, impressively crisp detail, and snappy touch controls. In true GoPro fashion, the HERO10 Black is rugged and ready for any adventure that comes its way, be it in the mud, in the snow, or underwater. Take your HERO10 Black to depths of 33ft and stay completely waterproof, or rough it in the bush and remain unscratched, thanks to its durable and scratch-resistant lens cover.

One thing the HERO10 Black has not ditched from the HERO9 setup is the built-in folding fingers which function as a rapid mounting system that is still compatible with all the awesome accessories you know and love from the HERO9. To make your shooting experience even faster and more effortless, you also have access to Power Tools like LiveBurst and HindSight, Presets and GPS performance stickers that animate your speed, altitude, track position and G-forces into your visuals in real-time.

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GoPro hero10 black 3/4 view
GoPro hero10 black front view straight on
top down
GoPro hero10 black vertical position
gopro hero10 black back screen view