GoPro has issued a recall order for the Karma Drone just 17 days after it’s release due to reports of units losing power during operation and falling from the sky.


As you may or may not have heard, GoPro announced that they are recalling each of the GoPro Karma drones they have sold thus far. That’s about 2500 units sold since October 23rd. The issue? Well, it seems some units are experiencing a loss of power during flight, causing it to fall out of the sky.

GoPro says “in a very small number of cases, Karma units lost power during operation.” As far as we can tell, there have been no reports of injuries or property damage because of the defect. GoPro released details regarding the recall order for the Karma on their website titled, “Karma Recall and Return Information.” Where they are instructing all Karma owners to return their drones for a full refund while the “performance issue” is being investigated and fixed.

See more about the recall here.

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GoPro Issues Complete Recall for Karma Drone

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