“This is sketch. I don’t like this at all.” Insane GoPro footage of Rush Sturges and Ben Marr kayaking down a drainage ditch at 72 km/h.

Sometimes GoPro videos are inspirational. Sometimes they are surprising. Other times they are heartwarming. And then there are the ones that are downright insane. You might remember weΒ shared this video (below) featuring Rush Sturges and Ben Marr who hiked up an 800 metre long drainage ditch in British Colombia, and then proceeded to kayak down it at speeds up to 72 km/h – all for the sake of capturing epic footage!

Well, the guys returned to the ditch with a new weapon of choice in their quiver, the Tandem Kayak. Watch as they attempt to conquer something never been done before.

Their original attempt:

Shared via GoPro.

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