Watch this: Local cyclist Brendan Hayden narrowly escapes injury as he hits a cable gate, filmed on a GoPro by Dylan Ben Haskin.

Having a GoPro camera with you when you’re out on awesome adventures is great for capturing all the good times, but sometimes you also capture some hectic footage of bails and accidents.

Local photographer and cyclist Dylan Ben Haskin shared the following clip with us earlier today, featuring fellow cyclist Brendan Hayden riding into an unsighted cable fence at high-speed:

Luckily, Brendan escaped serious injury as the cable hit his cycle just below the handle bar, taking a chunk out of the stem, and his helmet protected his head on the way down. The footage was recorded from Dylan’s chest mount, and quick reflexes meant that he managed to slide underneath the cable.

As Dylan explains: “Adventure races require navigation between checkpoints – unfortunately we chose a road that had a cable gate across it – difficult for the organizers to survey every possible road that racers could go – all part of the adventure! Luckily no serious injuries.”

After the fall, the riders took a few minutes to rest, and then completed the remaining six hours in the adventure race, which took place near Wolseley in the Western Cape.

View more of Dylan’s GoPro footage on his YouTube channel.

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