Watch as Keliee Yu, a young photographer from New Orleans, explains how she set out to build her photographic portfolio and how that resulted in a gig shooting for Google.

This is a great one for our young readers out there, or even those of you just starting out. This is Keliee Yu, she might be only 16 years old, but her advice to aspiring photographers out there is solid.

Keliee is a photographer and lifestyle vlogger based in the US. In this video, she explains how she started to build her photography portfolio with nothing but an entry-level camera and the help of a few willing friends. One day, after spotting an opportunity, Keliee approached a local gelato shop, armed with nothing but a few samples of what she can do and a little initiative.

And that’s where it all started, next thing she knows she had a list of clients that resulted in an extensive portfolio of work. That, in turn, got her noticed by even bigger clients – like Google. As Keliee rightly states, you’ve got to network and put yourself out there!

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