An easy to read graphic for photographers that want to experiment with the manual mode on their DSLR.

If you would like to experiment with your DSLR‘s manual mode, but have always been a bit hesitant, here’s a very easy to read graphic designed by Miguel Yatco. One important thing to remember is that your camera’s built in light meter is merely a guide – you can over- or under-expose to your liking! Play around with the different settings, and you’ll see why many photographers only shoot in manual mode.

Perhaps you also own and older manual film camera without a built-in light meter? Guessing the exposure settings for a given situation can be tricky, which is why Andrew Lawn came up with the Exposure Calculator. On his page you will find both a larger and smaller version of the calculator, which you can print onto card, cut out according to the guide, and carry around with you. I’ve been carrying the credit card-sized calculator in my wallet for the past 3 years – it’s always with me, and comes in handy on many occasions!

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